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"On a scale of 1-10, my elbow ranked a 7 for pain. I also had restricted movement with constant, achy pain. Two days after our second session, all the pain went away and I have full range of motion back."

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Engage your Mind for Healing!


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Auto- Immune Conditions

Auto - Immune Conditions include: Lupus, Chrone's Disease, Grave's Disease, and more.

In working with my own health issue, I've found some pieces of the equation that you will find helpful in managing your own illness. These pieces are observations I learned on my own and from various sources on the internet. The rheumatologist I worked with did nothing to help me beyond prescribing medications. If you are struggling with a chronic condition, I urge you to do your own research and take charge of your health!

A health challenge may require many levels of our attention. From nutrition and diet, environmental stressors such as allergies and sensitivities, to mental and emotional habits such as stress, unraveling the reasons behind illness can be complicated. But, if you stick with it, you will find progress and you will be empowered to take action as you go forward.

The more I study and observe auto- immune challenges, the more I am convinced that they operate more like allergies than disease. And in fact, its even more tricky because things that may cause a flare at one time, may have no effect at another time. I think its a bit like critical mass, there is so much that our bodies can handle, but if we are beyond that limit, our body goes into health crisis.

I have found in making a few diet changes, it can reduce the stress on the body and allow it to better handle the day to day stressors. With a few diet changes, I have been able to keep flare ups at bay and although I am not 100% where I'd like to be with this condition, for the most part I have energy throughout my day, minimal flare- ups, and I am effectively managing the condition. Here's some of what I've found:

If you could effectively manage the illness and symptoms by making a few dietary changes, would it be worth it to you to try it out?

Food Allergies and Sensitivities

The difficulty with food allergies and sensitivities is that, you could have multiple sensitivities happening all at once, and unless you've done a very structured elimination diet, it could be difficult to identify which sensitivities you have.

Another problem is that you can have a sensititivity without having a full blown allergy and these sensitivities won't show up on a blood test. There are some simpler forms of testing yourself for these sensitivities that I'll explain here.

The top Food Allergies and Sensitivities are as follows:

Wheat, soy, corn, dairy, nuts, eggs,

Although these are the top food sensitivities, you can also have allergies or sensitivities to fruits and vegetables. Allergies are tricky, they can show up for no reason and they can disappear over time. Here is a quick and easy way to test for food allergies and sensitivities based on kinesiology (asking the body).

Self Check for Food Sensitivities

Stand with your feet 6 inches apart on level ground and hold your hands at your navel. Then train your body to give you a yes or no response, by saying forward is yes and lean forward, and back is no and lean backward. This sets up your body's response to your questions. Then, test your response by saying a truth statement, such as, "my name is...." and then close your eyes and see which way your body leans (forward for yes, and back for no).

Then, using the prompt sheet for allergy testing, go through the main categories using the statement, "I have a sensitivity to ....grains" and notice your response. "I have a sensitivity to meats..." etc. Mark which categories come up as yes.

Then, go through the categories into the specific foods, and note those responses on the worksheet.

Here's some general guidelines:

Step 1: Go Gluten Free: If you are struggling with a chronic condition, go gluten free. The extra gluten that we've bred into our wheat over the last 50 years has created a higher gluten content than the past. This gluten content creates stress on the body in processing it, if you reduce this stressor, your body is better able to regulate itself. This can make the biggest difference for you in this condition.

Step 2: Cut out Corn: In the 1970's, food scientists started experimenting with GMOs. Genetically modifying the DNA in corn to increase the corn's resistance to insects and pesticides. There was a mixup in the experimental corn, and it was released into general consumption. Because strains of corn cross pollinate, there is no telling how wide spread these genetically modified strains have gone. At the DNA level of the corn is essentially a dose of pesticide incorporated into the DNA. I know this sounds a bit out there, but I do know that corn will sometimes cause a flare up for me. If its one of the contributing factors, I just want to avoid it.

Step 3: Keep a Food and Symptoms Journal Track what you are eating and how your symptoms are doing. You are looking for trends over time. Some of the food sensitivities don't show up right away and can take as long as 72 hours to cause an effect. So look at your bad days and see if you see food trends for the previous 3 days.

Step 4: Do a Health Analysis for the Mental and Emotional Causes Behind the Illness. Sometimes these factors can be hidden in the unconscious mind, but stress is the most obvious connection to health and wellness.

Our thoughts and feelings have a direct impact on how our bodies function. The Bio-Psycho-Social Model of health is gaining notice as the best model of how our health responds to what we think, how we feel, and even our social interactions. A great example is the stress response. Stress can actually decrease the immune system's ability to function. On the other hand, positive social support, and positive attitude can actual increase it.

Ryan began working with me as he was looking for answers to Irritable Bowel Syndrome that he had suffered with for four years, medications only helped somewhat and doctors had no real explanations for the causes of the intestinal distress.  IBS is linked with stress patterns, so we focused on changing anxiety patterns, and his body responded. After only 5 sessions, Ryan reports he's symptom free!

Ryan said, “I found new tools that I could tap into, a greater ability to handle life situations more comfortably and with less stress or worry.  My body has been doing great from the work we did and the positive imaging and attitude you've helped me create and enforce has been helping so much!“ -- Ryan, age 32


Sometimes the Mental and Emotional Reasons that are behind illness can be hidden. This is where the unconscious mind can be operating from old programs our outdated mental habits and even emotional habits. Once you identify these reasons, it becomes much easier to update these programs and move forward recovering your health.

In the Health Analysis Session, 30 minutes and only $25 we ask your mind to outline everything connected with your health challenge for you. This then outlines a roadmap of the mental and emotional patterns that are causing or perpetuating your health challenge. From there, its much easier to develop a plan for changing the underlying factors and stressors and speed you forward to recovery.

There can be many parts to the wellness wheel, diet and nutrition, food senstivities, environmental sensitivities, stressors, mental and emotional factors, genetic factors at the mental and emotional level and more.

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Take charge of your health and speed recovery! Easily change your habits to ones that support you, such as eating healthy foods and staying with your fitness program. Making dietary changes can be hard, but can have huge impact on how well you recover. Plus, with advanced forms of Hypnosis and NLP, you can increase positive focus, reduce stress, and engage your deeper mind to increase your body's ability to heal and recover.

The best approaches are integrated with your mind and body system. Your mind and body are connected. With advanced forms of Hypnosis and NLP, we can engage the deeper aspects of your mind and awareness to remove the internal blocks to healing. Once these are addressed, your body can better heal itself. NLP and Hypnosis have had amazing results in addressing anxiety, stress management, depression, pain reduction, controlling allergies, preparing for surgery, recovering from injury or trauma, recovering from stoke, and more!

You can maximize your body's ability to heal itself. Doctors can't explain spontaneous recovery, and there are many people who have recovered despite the best professional opinions to the contrary.

We have only just begun to uncover what the human mind and body are capable of. Perhaps it's time to take charge of your own wellness by using internal strategies to increase your health potential! Perhaps it's time to explore what your mind and body can do for you.

Here's a partial list of conditions I've worked with, helping clients reduce and even eliminate symptoms:

  • Anxiety and stress patterns
  • Allergies
  • Heart Attack Repair
  • Hypo-Thyroidism
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Lupus (Auto-immune condition)
  • Migraines
  • Stroke Recovery
  • Unexplained stomach discomfort
  • PMS PreMenstrual Syndrome
  • Tendonitis

Thought Pattern Management can help you reduce mental stress, thus also reducing physical stress on your body and your immune system. This modality is also wonderful for helping your body to recognize and coordinate its systems and work together with greater harmony and health.

NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming can aslo address stress and anxiety patterns, help your brain set up new mental habits, and identify and change core issues behind the original causes of symptoms.

Meditation and Hypnosis You can take charge of your health by working with the deeper aspects of your mind and body system. The body takes its orders from different systems of the mind. By focusing your awareness, we can guide you through meditations and self- hypnosis to help your mind direct your body's healing energies to the areas of the body that are in need.

In sessions, we develop audios specifically designed to address your health challenge. We record the session and you take it with you during the week to help keep your mind focused on your healing potential.


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I work with clients all across the U.S. by phone, so don't let geography stop you!


Expanding Potentials does not claim to diagnose, treat or cure illness or disease. Working with Expanding Potentials Coaches is not meant to replace or substitute for medical attention. Please continue to consult your regular medical professional.

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