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Holly Stokes, life coaching, portland or vancouver, wa

Happiness is in making peace with your past, having a clear vision of your future and being firmly grounded in the present!


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I work with clients all across the U.S. by phone or we can meet in person in the Salt Lake City, UT area.

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Divorce Support & Recovery


Dealing with divorce can be so difficult as you are navigating the changes it brings. Changing relationships, family roles, and even affecting your income and career. Though these times can seem tumultuous, these times of transition can be incredible times to re-evaluate your life and redefine who you are and prepare for a relationship and a future that better suits you.

In the chaos of divorce, you may feel broken hearted, be wrought with grief, or feel depressed and unexcited about the future. But, with the right program of divorce support, you can leave these old feelings behind and prepare yourself for the next adventure in your life.

There are so many things we let define us, our careers, our relationships, our income level. But the truth is - you are so much more than any of these. The key to really creating a life that works for you and stepping into your positive healthy future is in knowing your core values, what's important to you, and what really expresses who you are and how you want to live.

With Divorce Support Coaching, you'll find the tools for creating clarity in what you want, plus the tools to change the negative patterns that are getting in your way so that you can really design the next phase of your life to really work for you.

Letting Go of the Past

With Divorce Support and Recovery we'll address the old wounds from the break up, allowing you to be more free in your life and move forward toward a bright future.

It's hard to move forward if your mind keeps getting sucked into past, the old hurts and wounds. But in just one session, we can teach your mind a strategy for releasing the negatives allowing you to be more focused in the present moment and with a greater ability to move your life forward. Once your mind knows the strategy - it will run it automatically - allowing you to be more free and even creating a new baseline for happiness and well-being.

The Thought Pattern Management session offers so much value, that I have made it foundational to all the Divorce Support Coaching work that I do. In one session, you'll feel the weight of the years lift, the dark clouds that we have learned to cope with - dissolve, and a brighter, happier future stretching out before you. This single session helps you let go of the negative past, connect with the core of who you are, and create a solid foundation for well-being.

Once your mind learns this strategy - life becomes easier. Then, with advanced tools, we can help you change negative mental and emotional habits that have been getting in your way. All of these are just habits of the mind we learned, and then our brain turned them into habits because we repeated them so much. With the right program of divorce support, you'll break free of your old mental habits and start really living your best life.

Train your Brain to Break Free of Mental and Emotional Habits:

Anxiety    Fears  Phobias  
Stress   Worry    Lack of Self Esteem
Negative Self Talk  Negative Habits  Addictions
Lack of Focus  Lack of Motivation Lack of Confidence
Depression        Negative Thinking   Self Criticism

With Divorce Support & Recovery, we integrate NLP, the tools for training your brain, we can surpass the results you would get working with a regular Coach. When you are empowered to take charge of your thoughts and choose your emotions, you will move forward like never before- achieve your goals - and Create a Life you Love!


I think I have accomplished with three sessions of life coaching with you has had more impact than 18 months of psychotherapy, as far as moving ahead and making changes, working with Holly in Divorce Support Coaching program has had far more impact. I was able to tap into my past and rekindle the love and light I have experienced throughout my life and recharge my mental and spiritual batteries to help me move forward. You helped me find that again.

I re-read my work book entries from the guided writing exercises from a year ago and nearly everything I envisioned and hoped for has come true! I have started a new career, am moving to a new city and have found a loving partner who supports and cares for me. It really has been an incredible experience Holly, and it's fun!!

--Chere Weiss, Intentions Consulting


Get Clear About your Life Purpose, Mission, and Vision

As you design your life around your highest values, and clarify your personal life purpose, mission, and vision - you build the foundation for creating your best life now! Together, we'll identify the vision of your best life, and create clarity for moving forward. What do you want in the next phase of your life?

Let's line out the roadmap to your best life, and then train your brain to take you there. With the right tools and the right divorce support - you can make the next phase of your life truly express who you are, you can get really clear about the next relationship, and allow yourself to enjoy the happiness and quality of life that you want.

“I started working with Holly after ending my second marriage.  I was very emotionally depressed and negative about the prospects for the rest of my life. Holly was able to redirect my focus to the positive aspects of my life which has greatly improved my health and well being.  Holly's Divorce Support Coaching also helped me to examine what I was looking for in relationships. The insights I gained through the coaching experience will make my future relationships more satisfying and successful.  I believe everyone can benefit from the coaching experience and highly recommend Holly as a coach.”         

---Barry S., Ph.D.-Research Biochemist


Life Coach Holly Stokes portland, or


With the added tools of training your brain for success - there is nothing that can stop you from living your purpose, fully participating in your life and living your best!


Ready to Get Started? In just one session, you can notice a world of difference. Thought Pattern Management allows you to clean up the past, be more grounded in the present with a greater ability to enjoy your life.

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It's Time to Unlock your Potential, Believe in Yourself, Find your Confidence, and Move your Life Forward! Yes, You can have the life you want, and together we can make it happen! Why wait? It's time to stop struggling - It's Time to Live your Best Life Now!      

I work with clients all across the U.S. by phone or we can meet in person in the Salt Lake City, UT area.


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