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Holly Stokes, Motivational Speaker and NLP Coach


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Holly Stokes, Motivational Speaker


With dynamic topics on personal and professional development, your group can begin applying cutting-edge tools easily and effectively. As a Motivational Speaker, I weave together audience participation, real life examples, and fun to illustrate and inspire our amazing human potential!

Setting a goal is the easy part - it's following through that's the challenge. Creating change in your life used to be difficutl, but now, it's easier than ever before with the right set of tools. I love sharing the tools for creating personal and professional change, understanding the layers to your motivation - and achieving success!

Areas of specialty include: Motivation, Work-Life Balance, Positive Communications, Health & Weight Loss, Productivity, Sales and Speaking, and Professional Development. Choose from the topics below, or I can customize your presentation to meet your group's needs.

Keynote Motivational Speeches

5 Keys to Fire Up your Motivation With these 5 strategies for motivation, you’ll discover the secrets to tapping into your energy reserves, staying focused on your goals while increasing your daily well-being.  Discover your sources of energy and focus – turn your dreams into vision and your vision into action!

Get Over your Fear of Cold Calling, Speaking, Sales and More! Master your brain to conquer fears, create new habits and expand your comfort zone. Take charge of your mood and your focus and even choose what you think and how you feel. Simple tools will help you be on top of your game in any situation!

Power Up your Productivity by Managing your Time, Energy, and Your Brain. Time is money, how are you spending yours? With core principles in managing your time, energy, and your brain, you can increase your productivity and boost your bottomline.  With streamlined system for planning, you can be more focused, and more productive.

A Lighter You! Train Your Brain to Curb Your Cravings. In this dynamic presentation you'll demystify the link between cravings and the mind, you'll experience powerful processes to help you eliminate cravings and be in control of your foods and choices. Discover the power of your brain to take control of your habits.

Train your Brain to Stress Less Stress takes its toll on our mental health and on our body. This workshop offers practical strategies and techniques for achieving instant calm. With powerful tools for brain patterning, we can set up new habits stressing less, achieving calm, and increase alertness for taking positive action. Train your Brain to Stress Less CDs are available for group purchase rates. Call for details.

Keynote Speaking Rates: $295 plus materials charges may apply with group rate CD purchases.


Motivational Classes and Workshops for your Business or Organization (minimum of 8 participants).

Train your Brain for Healthy Living and Weight Loss – 6 week series.

This course is based on the material from the books, Train your Brain to Lose Weight and Health Coach’s Guide to Nutrition in Action, and the six part CD series, Mind Body Weight Loss. You’ll identify the habits you need to change, the brain patterns that are getting in your way, and discover powerful tools to curb your cravings and end self sabotage. You’ll feel healthier and happier as you gain support for low glycemic eating and creating your healthy lifestyle that you can live with. This course is for creating lasting weight loss success, not a dieting program. Groups as small as 6 can be scheduled for your business or office.

Rates: $150 per student plus materials of $127 per person include the two books and the 6 part CD series. 6 part CD series is optional.


Train your Brain for Stress Relief– Reducing Stress in the Workplace - 4 week series.

Stress takes its toll on our mental health and on our body. This series offers practical strategies and techniques for achieving instant calm. With powerful tools for brain patterning, we can set up new habits stress less, enjoy greater well being and increase alertness for taking positive action. Train your Brain for Stress Relief CDs are available for group purchase rates.

Rates: $95 per person, plus materials fee of $10 for group rate CD purchase.


Selling Made Easy: Natural Sales Conversations with Brain Training NLP – 4 week series.

What are your prospects really saying? This presentation delves into understanding people through their body language, their word use and language patterns, and knowing how to respond appropriately, naturally and comfortably to close more sales. Neuro-Linguistic Programming offers the tools to run your brain more effectively so you can be more comfortable and confident in any situation. Course comes with the training manual Sales Made Easy with NLP.

Rates: $95 per person, plus materials fee of $20 for the training manual.

Boost Your Productivity with Work/Life Balance – 4 week series.

How fulfilled are you in your life, in your career? With this 4 week course, we take you through the essentials to creating greater life happiness and fulfillment. You’ll discover your sources of motivation and passion, and identify small and simple changes you can make to maximize your personal and professional life. You’ll find greater clarity in your life, a greater understanding of what makes you tick, and you’ll feel inspired to take the actions that will engage your wellbeing both in the workplace and at home.  Feel better and get more done! Comes with the guidebook, Living Your Best Life Now.

Rates: $95 per person plus materials fee of $15 for the guidebook.


What People Are Saying

“There’s a difference between being talked at being interactively engaged and Holly Stokes understands that difference.  Get ready for effective positive change, because that’s what’s going to happen when Holly moves you!”– Alex McMillan, Speaker, Author

"Holly Stokes has a wonderfully disarming way of encouraging her audiences to participate with her presentations. She can tell you a story of herself or a client who has been able to discover the underlying reason for a behavior ... like a light in a dark house ... and suddenly I see something in my life that can relate. I see a similar expression on other's faces. I sit in her class and realize, "Wow... this can really be changed!" The information Holly gives is refreshing, invigorating and on point. I often leave inspired to dig deeper, do more and be the best me I can be. Thanks, Holly!" –Kate Singh, Aevum Images

“What I truly appreciate about what you are doing is that you are not offering a one size fits all approach to conquering weight loss. You have a way of presenting that makes each person think about their own triggers with food. In addition, I was impressed with your teaching skills. Since I am a Master Teacher I can tell you that you did a great job conveying the information in a way that was easy to follow and relate to. Keep up the great work and thank-you again for coming to our group.” --Mikeila Nienabar, founder of Project Healthy Lifestyle.

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