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Hone Your Speaking Skills


When you are speaking, do you see the eyes of your audience glaze over? Do you feel uncomfortable giving a presentation on the fly? Do you feel anxiety when you think about speaking in front of large groups of people?

If you would like to improve any of these, it's time to discover powerful tools that will allow you to feel comfortable and confident in any speaking situation, plus learn the applied tools of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to read your audience, engage their attention, and keep them captivated throughout your presentation.

There are two aspects we focus on. The first is the structure of your presentation and the second is how you give your presentation, your presence and style! Here's our areas of focus in the Speaking Skills program:

Structure your Presentation:

Script Writing - Start with your objectives in mind. What do you want your audience to get from your presentation? What results do you want from the speaking engagement? What are the measurable results such as sales or contacts? Depending on your objectives, together we'll shape your presentation to get the most for both you and your audience.

Hone your Memory, Focus - Using the NLP tools of brain training, we'll set up an easier way to memorize your speech.

Appeal to the 4 Learning Styles - Each of us learns in one of the four learning styles. By structuring your speech to appeal to the four styles, you'll be engaging your audience, covering the key points in the right timing. By utilizing the four learning styles, you'll keep your audience immersed in your presentation the whole way through.

Your Speaking Style:

Feel Comfortable and Confident - Using NLP tools of brain training, we'll set up a process so that you feel comfortable and confident in front of any audience, at any time. With this powerful mental strategy you'll be able to command your audience from the beginning and be the powerful and engaging presenter you want to be.

Connect with your Audience - We'll identify the key ways that your audience will stay connected with you and follow you through your presentation to the very end. We'll cover how to entice the audience, how to engage them intellectually as well as emotionally so they not only pay attention to your presentation, but they get a great experience.

Reading your Audience - Learn the telltale signs of reading your audience to gauge their attention and interest. You'll discover some key strategies to keep your audience engaged with you.

Subtleties of Selling from the Stage - If your presentation has an objective of generating sales, we'll structure into your presentation key points that will allow you to sell your audience without selling. As you build your rapport, expound on your credibility and build trust, all through your presentation, you will prime your audience to buy from you. This is not manipulation, but rather, allowing yourself to come through in the way which allows your audience to best connect with you as a presenter. This makes the sales process so comfortable for both the audience and the presenter, it just seems natural. Whether you are selling a product, or an idea, the natural sale is key.

Your Leadership Presence - Who you are as a leader comes through in your presentational style. As a leader, executive or manager, you'll discover powerful strategies of effective communication to deal with many different personality styles. Communication is foundation to healthy relationships everywhere, whether in the workplace or in your personal life. We'll work with NLP tools that allow you to step into the right mindset of being a more effective leader.

With the right speaking skills, powerful NLP tools and techniques, you can be a speaker to be remembered. Increase your sales, your presence and command your audience with this program to hone your speaking skills.

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