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Anxiety and Stress are on the rise.

Anxiety is defined as catastrophic thinking, feelings of dread or constant worry. Anxiety can be debilitating causing the person to avoid certain situations. Often, feelings of anxiety can be automatic and feel out of our control. But...

Just a few sessions is all it takes to train your brain to reduce your anxiety!

Anxiety is actually a habit wired into the brain, you might notice it as worry, or "what if" thinking. When your brain learns new strategies, and creates new mental habits - you can experience greater well-being in your life everyday!

Whether specific or generalized, it's simply a matter of training your brain (and body) to do something different.

What if you no longer had that nagging sense of dread? What if you felt more free and open to enjoy your life? What more could you do, be, experience? Isn’t it time to relax into a greater sense of okayness and wellbeing?

What does anxiety keep you from doing? Do you worry you'll have a panic attack in public? Do you stay home from social events because of the worry or fear of one?

If the body internalizes anxiety, we can even experience body symptoms and health issues. Irritable bowel syndrome is directly connected to mental anxiety, change the mental pattern and you change the problem. Even chronic conditions and health challenges can be affected by anxiety.

The good news is, just a few sessions is all it takes to find the freedom to live your life without the old worries and anxiety. You’ll feel freedom in being able to do the things you want, rather than avoiding the situations. You’ll feel more confident and secure, more assured of life and yourself.

Find a greater ability to enjoy your daily life as you allow train your mind focus on positive things of life. It’s simple,you learned it somewhere, and because it was a learned response, you can “unlearn” it, and train your mind to create a new response. Free yourself….Live life with aliveness and wellbeing - and choose your best future now!

What if you could get your nervous system to calm down and relax at will? What if you could feel centered, and a greater sense of wellbeing? What if you could really enjoy your life again? Wouldn't that be worth it to you to find out more?

If you find yourself worrying constantly, if you feel your body overtaken with fear, racing heart or if you notice catastrophic thinking - what's the worst that can happen scenarios ...then it's time to get your life back!


Life Coach Holly Stokes Portland, Or

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