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 - A Lighter YouTrain your        Brain to Slim your Body book

 - A Lighter You! Health Coach's Guide to Nutrition in Action book

 - A Lighter You! Mind Body Weight Loss 6 part weight loss hypnosis CD set

- Motivation for Fitness

 - Speed Healing

 - Stress Relief

- Improve Relationships

 - Wealth Consciousness

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Life Coach Holly Stokes Hypnosis Portland, OR       

Hi, I am Holly Stokes, The Brain Trainer, Motivational and NLP Coach. All the products on this page are my creation. Drawing on the background and training of understanding the brain and how it works, I've developed these hypnosis CDs and books to help you get the results you want even more easily as you train your brain to work for you.

If you are tired of struggling with the old ways of thinking and the old results, if you are ready to train your brain to live your best in life, health, weight loss, relationships and business success - give these tools a try and experience the "brain training" difference for yourself!

Allow your mindset to make the shift - to believing in yourself, engaging your unconscious mind, and updating old programs for ones that work for you!

In the old way of making changes, it used to take a lot of time and energy to change old habits and behaviors. Not any more! By simply listening to these Hypnosis CDs and Hypnosis MP3s, you will update your old habits even while you sleep!


A Lighter You! Mind Body Weight Loss hypnosis CD course addresses 6 aspects of Weight Release: It's Easy- Simply listen to one CD every day, while you are walking, doing dishes or house chores, you can even listen while you sleep!

  Plus, for a limited time, get FREE Shipping!

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excerpts here:

     weight loss cd hypnosis portland, or     

Step Into your Healthy You Click here to play a sample


          weight loss cd hypnosis portland,or


Click here to sample

Curb Your Cravings

          weight loss cd hypnosis portland, or

        Click here to sample

Boost Your Metabolism

           weight loss cd hypnosis portland, or

    Enlighten Your   

       Body Image


weight loss hypnosis cd portland, or

         Click here to sample Motivation for Fitness


          weight loss hypnosis cd portland, or

      Release Your Reasons



"After listening to Motivate your Exercise, I went out and rejoined my gym. I started to enjoy my fitness program, and even look forward to a great workout."--M.W. Vancouver, WA


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"Weight loss is all mental...

I have overcome a lot of challenges around making good food choices, the bad foods I used to eat just don't look good to me the way they used to. (It's very easy to pass them up.)"

--Bev. W., Portland, OR


Office Location:

The Brain Trainer, LLC

1111 E. Brickyard Rd, #202

Salt Lake City, UT 84106




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I stand behind my products.


Brain Training Hypnosis CDs and MP3s


These "brain training" audios and hypnosis CDs can help you quickly change the old mental habits that keep you stuck.

What more do you want in your life?

     - Weight Loss

     - Speed Healing

     - Stress Relief

     - Better Relationships

     - Greater Wealth

Feed your mind the positive messages that will move you forward. With these "brain training" audios and hypnosis CDs,  you can update even your unconscious mind to be working for you! They also come in hypnosis MP3 formats for your convenience to listen on your computer, your MP3 player or smart phone.


A Lighter You! System for Lasting Weight Loss Success Books and Weight Loss Hypnosis CDs:

Weight Loss program, diet no more, Holly Stokes, The Brain Trainer

A Lighter You! Train your Brain to Slim your Body book: How to Change Cravings, Lack of Motivation, Self Sabotage and Enjoy Lasting Weight Loss Success! by Holly Stokes, The Brain Trainer.

This is unlike any weight loss program or "diet" you have done. This book focuses on the MENTAL strategies to address the REAL reasons we gain weight: cravings, lack of motivation and self sabotage!

Finally, this is your answer to break free of old patterns and stepping into your ideal healthy weight self. Order The Book Now!

The Book:  A Lighter You! Health Coach's Guide to Nutrition in Action book by Holly Stokes, The Brain Trainer

       This 86 page manual takes you from eating like a couch potato to a healthy and fit person. You'll understand complicated nutrition concepts in easy to chew pieces, discover how you can change over what you are eating so that you can stop counting calories, feel satisfied, and enjoy lasting weight loss success! See more details

 A Lighter You! Mind Body Weight Loss 6 part hypnosis CD series.

weight loss program hypnosis cdsSimply listen to these weight loss hypnosis CDs while you are doing chores around the house, walking, or even drifting off to sleep! These weight loss hypnosis CDs will help train your mind to Step into your Healthy You, Curb Your Cravings, even Motivate your Fitness, and more, see sample links to the left.

This weight loss hypnosis CD course addresses the 6 common themes of weight loss - updating old patterns of your unconscious mind so that you'll be thinking better, and feeling better as you slim down to your healthy fit self - naturally!

Order the Entire Set for .......................$127.00  


These six weight loss hypnosis CDs pictured on the left are all included in A Lighter You! Mind Body Weight Loss Set! Get the hypnosis CD set or the hypnosis MP3 set below.

           CDs samples and pictures to the left.

"After listening to the hypnosis CD, Motivate your Fitness, I went out and rejoined my gym. I started to enjoy my fitness program, and even look forward to a great workout."--Misty W. Vancouver, WA


"Weight loss is all mental...

I have overcome a lot of challenges around making good food choices, the bad foods I used to eat just don't look good to me the way they used to. (It's very easy to pass them up.)"

--Beverly W., Portland, OR


weight loss client testimonial portland, or"After listening just one week to the weight loss hypnosis CD, Curb Your Cravings, I lost 6 lbs. I found I was no longer eating the junk foods I had been craving before, I simply didn't even think about them. It was so easy! I simply listened to the CD while falling asleep each night. The CDs were so soothing and relaxing, I even slept better. I can't remember the last time I slept so well. It was so effortless, I became a believer." ----Janet K, Vancouver, WA

To work with a Qualified Hypnotherapist, it could run you hundreds, even thousands of dollars! Purchase the weight loss hypnosis CD set or the hypnosis MP3 Downloads for a fraction of the cost!

$127.00 for Compact Disc Set and Two books


Get The Homestudy Course includes the 6 hypnosis MP3s and the 2 Ebooks Only $79.00

    Read More Here

The link above will take you to my dedicated weight loss website www.ALighterYouSystem.com for details and ordering.

Note: Because of all the samples and free downloads available (to the left), you are assured of the quality of the downloads, we do not offer returns on the Hypnosis MP3 downloads. Thank you. Please listen to the samples on the left.


Pain Management & Speed Healing

self-healing hypnosis cd mp3 portland, or
Enhancing your Body's Abilities for Self- Healing:
It's amazing what your mind can do when you have focus and direction! This hypnosis CD helps you focus your attention and awareness on engaging your own healing energies for health and well-being. Soothe and relaxing, enjoy listening while you sleep, as you help your body engage your healing abilities and feel enlivened.    35 min


"I had almost cut off my thumb from a power saw injury. The doctors said there was not much they could do, and they weren't even sure if it would heal, they said they might have to amputate it. They also said I would never regain feeling in my thumb. I listened to enhancing your body's ability for self-healing, and I not only saved my thumb, but all the feeling and function has returned to my hand."

                                     -- Jim, Vancouver, WA         


                         Only $17.95 gives you the secrets to unlock your body's healing with this hypnosis CD for speed healing



Train your  Brain for Stress Relief

stress management nlp hypnosis cd mp3 nlp portland, or This Stress Relief training CD helps your mind create new habits allowing you to feel calm and collected in stressful situations. This is an interactive style NLP CD including: Mindfulness Exercise for being calm and centered in the present moment, plus, an NLP exercise for helping your brain create a new habit of being calm is stressful situations, visualization for engaging your higher perspectives, and more! 35 minutes.

Only $17.95  Stress Relief CD! Only $9.95 Stress Relief MP3 format


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woman's key to emotional freedom program

Uncovering Your Hidden Power: A Woman's Key to Emotional Freedom Audio Program

This audio program addresses the underlying anxiety and fears that are associated with relationship troubles, or even the lack of a relationship.

By listening to this audio, you'll discover a greater sense of balance and security within yourself allowing you to be more at ease in your relationships, and allowing you to enjoy your relationships or dating life even more.

Read More Here only $14.95 MP3 and Ebook


Wealth Consciousness

hypnosis cd mp3 money wealth building audioRewire Your Brain for Wealth and Prosperity : Have you struggled with money? We all have money habits. The first part of this hypnosis CD looks at your money habits and patterns, and how to change them. This is followed by visualizations designed to update your unconscious mind with the positive focus you need for engaging your mind for prosperity and creating your prosperous future - now! 40 minutes.

Get the Hypnosis CD here with any Credit Card or PayPal.... $17.95    MP3 Instant Download   Only $12.95!
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Business Focus and Success

Business Success hypnosis CDBusiness Training Series takes you through key essentials to Setting Up Your Mind for Success. Your motivation and follow through has everything to do with your mental habits and patterns. What is your mind set for?

This course will send you weekly lessons and brain training audios for essential areas of business including:

    Business Coaching ProgramSet Up Your Mind for Success

    Business Coaching ProgramProductivity and Achievement

    Business Coaching ProgramMindset for Marketing

    Business Coaching ProgramSales Made Easy

    Business Coaching ProgramTrain your Brain for CashFlow

    Business Coaching Programand More!

You'll stay focused and supported with this 6 month essential program that will give your mind the tools that it needs to stay motivated and focused with success in your business!    Read More About the Series, and Get Your Free MP3 Here


Frequently Asked Questions:

You might be thinking, "How will I know if it will work for me?" These hypnosis CDs and hypnosis MP3s train your mind to make new habits in what you think and feel about food, weight loss, fitness, relationships, wealth and yourself. With these practical mental strategies, you'll feel in control of changing your perceptions, be in charge of what you think and how you feel, plus you'll find yourself thinking better, feeling better, and your body will align to your ideal healthy weight as you internalize and update your ideal healthy weight. You'll have positive mental strategies and find yourself thinking better, feeling great, and the weight simply falling away as you find more motivation for creating health and vitality.

What if I can't be Hypnotized? There are a lot of misconceptions about hypnosis. Some people think it only works if you don't remember it. The hypnosis we see on stage is "entertainment" hypnosis. These hypnosis CDs are more therapeutic, I find my clients do best if they are able to integrate the conscious with the unconscious mind together and be aware of the changes they are making. You do not need to be in "trance" to get all the benefit of this program. These hypnosis CDs are designed to work with your deeper mind by using imagery, symbolism, and mental strategies to help you automatically create new choices. If you can make mental pictures in your mind - for instance, think of a bright yellow smily face bouncing along this screen. If you had a mental picture of that bright bouncing yellow smily face - these hypnosis CDs will work for you!

If I fall asleep while listening to the Hypnosis CDs will it still work? Yes, it does! I suggest listening at least once to the hypnosis CD consciously, then listening to the hypnosis CDs while you are going to sleep at night. When you sleep, your brain goes through the same brain wave patterns that we look for in deep hypnosis. The rythm and music of these hypnosis CDs are designed to relax and soothe you while you are experiencing these strategies, allowing the new thoughts and strategies to update your unconscious mind, at even the deepest levels.

Are these subliminal messages? No. Subliminal means out of range of conscious sound. Everything recorded on these hypnosis CDs you are able to hear and consciously follow. My clients respond best when they are able to follow the changes consciously, putting you in control of your own internal programs, and helping you make the changes that best work for you and your body.


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