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Health Professionals

As a Health Professional, you may feel well - versed in your field, but find yourself challenged in the world of business. If so, you are not alone. For those working as a health practitioner or in service professions, there are some common challenges health professionals and service industry face.

  • "I am good at what I do, but I feel overwhelmed with the business aspects."
  • "What do I charge for my services? I feel awkward explaining my fees and asking for money."
  • "I feel uncomfortable recommending my services and marketing my business"

If you are in the health and service industries, chances are you came to your field because of your desire to help people or make a difference.

Here's what NLP Coaching can do for you:

Personal Life:

  • Life Mapping to live in balance, and create your best life now
  • Know your top values, motivation, inspiration, and passions
  • Plan to combat burn-out allowing you to be present and refreshed with your clients

Becoming the Professional:

  • Reverse feelings of insecurity and lack of confidence
  • Know your worth and ask your price
  • Become the Professional, Feel Confident and Empowered in your

Business Focus and Direction:

  • Defining your niche
  • Defining your Brand and Platform
  • Grow your business with your values in mind
  • Mission, Vision, and Purpose


  • Establish yourself as an expert in your field
  • Navigate a multi-media approach to marketing
  • Develop professional relationships to build your referral network
  • Define your best strategies and tactics


  • Learn the Secrets to Sales Made Easy
  • Formula for Presentations People Remember
  • Inspiring Client Compliance
  • Discover the Power of Language


  • Goal setting for the year, month, week, and even daily
  • Develop follow through and systems to move you forward
  • Systems to stay organized and on track


In the Business Coaching program, you will receive a Building your Business Workbook with worksheets to help you strategize, plan, and grow your business! Plus worksheets for staying organized, focused and on track.

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