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Train your Brain for Business Success

Get Over Fears: of Cold- Calling, Sales, Prospecting and Speaking

Reduce Your Stress

Feel Comfortable and Confident

Create Your Plan for Success

Hone Your Presentation Skills

Your Roadmap for Success

Find Your Motivation

Set Up Your Mind for Success

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Business Coaching

Business Coaching benefits

Are you struggling with your business or sales career? Do you have too much to do and not enough time to get it all done? Have you struggled with procrastination or fears of taking the next steps?

How long do you want to continue to struggle 6 months, a year, two years or more? But what if you took action to change?

If you are ready for a new approach, if you are ready to expand your business, get more clients, and build your momentum, Business Coaching will help you:

     business coaching benefitsGet Clear about your Vision of your Business

     business coaching benefitsPrioritize your Tasks

     business coaching benefitsCreate a Clear Plan of Action

     business coaching benefitsHave a Sounding Board for Your Business Decisions

     business coaching benefitsAttract More Clients

     business coaching benefitsIncrease your Profits and Revenue

     business coaching benefitsBrainstorm your Options for Growth

     business coaching benefitsBe Accountable with your Goals

     business coaching benefitsGet More Done

     business coaching benefitsMore Time with Family and Friends

     business coaching benefitsGreater Life Fulfillment

     business coaching benefitsMore Success with Less Stress

Working with Business Coach is great for creating a plan of action! But if you are running up against mental blocks like fear of failure, procrastination, lack of focus and even self sabotage, Business Coaching alone isn't enough!

For most of us, setting a goal is the easy part - it's following through that's hard. What stops us is our mental habits, procrastination, lack of focus and even self-sabotage!

This is where powerful tools of "Brain Training" and NLP come in:

With powerful advances in applied psychology, its easier than ever to set your mind up for success. Using the powerful tools of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Business Coaching, you can get the edge on your own motivation, plus get valuable insight into how to motivate others!

Over the last 7 years, I've worked with many small business owners in various aspects of their businesses. Sometimes the mental blocks they experience are around fears or hesitations, sometimes the mental blocks are in seeing their business in a new way. Whatever the difficulties, the best strategies for success begin with your head.

As your Business Coach & NLP Trainer, together we can:

     check mark for changing habitsChange Old Habits Quickly

     check mark for changing habitsChange Negative Thinking and Set up your Mind for Optimism

     check mark for changing habitsEliminate Old Fears

     check mark for changing habitsIncrease your Ability to Focus and Prioritize

     check mark for changing habitsCut through Procrastination

     check mark for changing habitsTune your Mind to Make More Money

     check mark for changing habitsTune your Mind into the Opportunities that will Pay Off

     check mark for changing habitsFocus your Efforts for Greater Results!

     check mark for changing habitsEliminate Self-Sabotage

     check mark for changing habitsDevelop Your Marketing Mindset

     check mark for changing habitsMake Sales Conversations Easy

     check mark for changing habitsStreamline your Sales Process

     check mark for changing habitsStay Motivated!

You might notice some people who seem to be streaming ahead in their business, while you continue to struggle. The difference is in the mental strategies, habits and old programming in our brain. Or, maybe you're doing okay, but you know it could be better.


The Blueprints to Success Begin in Your Head!

If you are ready to expand your business possibilities, if you are ready to be working smarter, if you are ready to take responsibility for creating your own opportunities - and make this year your best ever - you'll want to get started:


picture of shawn

"Working with Holly as a Business Coach, I found more confidence, a sense of direction, and developed a more complete and practical business plan. I also found freedom from negative thought processes. The Thought Pattern Management session was a life changing experience. One hour really did change my life."

---Shawn Bergman, 4 Elements Wilderness

Create your Roadmap to Success -

                                     Then Train your Brain to Get You There!

Your Mindset is Your Most Important Tool! Dreaming of the possibilities is the easy part. However, when it comes to turning the big dream into a plan it can be a little overwhelming. And, when it comes to turning the plan into action, it's often our own fears that get in the way. If you find yourself not following through with your goals, not being consistent with your actions, procrastinating, or even experiencing self sabotage - It's time for a mental tune-up! And with NLP Business Coaching, you'll find your answers.

"I struggled with focus, procrastination, negative programming and developing a clear vision for my business. Holly as my Business Coach enabled me to achieve clarity and purpose in life and business. Working together, we shifted several past negative experiences  to positive associations which allowed me to be more focused, positive in attitude, and confident in achieving my personal and business goals. I am now more positive and focused, I have a work/life balance and I am sure of my business vision. I am now a believer in NLP techniques. I highly recommend Holly Stokes for NLP Business Coaching."

-- Michael Leitch, VSource Systems, LLC Member Manager


Business Coaching benefitsBuild your Mental Toolbox! We all know some people for whom success seems easy, and others who seem to struggle. What's the difference? How the brain is wired! Learn powerful tools for training your brain for focus, motivation, and performance. It's time to sharpen your skills, engage your mind to become your best ally, and follow through on the steps to your success!

"Although I had received extensive training and qualified for Executive Council two years in a row in my field, I always felt a lack of confidence when working with people who were in a different financial and social status than me. I worried that I needed to be perfect and feared that I wouldn’t have the exact answer for every question that they might ask.

After two sessions of NLP Business Coaching, my fears were minimized and the old thought pattern changed. I now have a renewed confidence in my professional abilities and feel comfortable contributing my expertise with people from all walks of life." – Alan Bredy, New York Life Agent


When your Brain is Set Up for Success...you will find new opportunities, you will respond to the right opportunities, and you will take consistent action to be prepared and be in the right place at the right time! The choices and steps that bring you success come easier and easier!


"Through working with Holly as my Business Coach, in as little as 1 month, I made substantial changes in my life. I’ve lost 15 pounds, my business has been restructured for growth, my sense of contribution in the world has increased, and my life-long nagging feeling of tragedy and loss has been explained and eliminated. I highly and absolutely recommend Holly’s NLP Business Coaching. If you need assistance, and let’s be honest, we all do from time to time, call Holly. Your life will change and your spirit will soar."

-- Koleena Roth,  Creative Joy Events, owner


With the right tools and support, you can to stay motivated and focused, and find the success you've been dreaming of! With the right mindset, the right tools in your mental toolbox, you'll have the pieces to make your business work for you and take it to the next level!

               Turn your Dreams into Vision, and your Vision into Action

With your Business Strategy Roadmap, you'll have a clear direction for staying focused, motivated and on track. We meet each week to review what's working and what's getting in the way of moving forward. Then, with the powerful brain training tools of NLP Business Coaching, we can help your mind tune into greater success each step along the way. When you train your brain to work for you - it becomes easier and easier to grow your business and live your best!

Rinatta Paries, testimonial

"Working with Holly as my Business Coach opened up my intuition when working on my business. Before I was blocked - I had an underlying fear of making a mistake in the way I promoted or ran my business.  But now, I feel clear and tapped in, and empowered in making business decisions."

--- Rinatta Paries, The Love Coach

Together, we can make it happen! With positive mental strategies, plus your vision of success - we can create a plan of action to turn your dreams into reality!


With advanced NLP Business Coaching tools, Training, Accountability and Support, you can take your business to the next level! With the right tools to stay motivated and on track, you can find the success you've been dreaming of!

You'll not only have the plan of what to do and where to focus your time, but you'll also have the mindset that allows you to be comfortable and confident moving your business forward.

When you know what to do, and you're motivated and  inspired to take action - nothing can stop you!


Over the last 7 years, I've Coached countless business owners on making the mental shift plus finding the difference that makes the difference in their business operations. We've worked on building the referral partner network to build word of mouth and referrals, we've clarified the business marketing message to create clarity in marketing, we've strategized on social media campaigns, developed internship programs, and more to build a business that you love and that loves you back.

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Get the Mental Edge in your Business!

Are you a self- starter and just need some more tools in your mental toolbox? Check out my 24 week program Train your Brain for Business, with Set Your Mind Up for Success. You'll get weekly motivational lessons to get the psychological edge on your business and your competition. Sharpen your mental saw in business with affordable monthly rates for 6 months of NLP Business Training and support. See details here

Watch this video testimonial from Danielle Ross of Her Ghost as she talks about business coaching process for creative types.