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We've all know the importance of setting goals. But, did you know, our goals can actually set us up to fail?

Don't get me wrong - having goals are important  - but they are not enough. Just knowing what to do doesn't mean that we'll actually do it. Watch this video on the problems with goals.


Get Over Fears: of Cold- Calling, Sales, Prospecting and Speaking

Reduce Your Stress

Feel Comfortable and Confident

Create Your Plan for Success

Hone Your Presentation Skills

Your Roadmap for Success

Find Your Motivation

Set Up Your Mind for Success

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Train your Brain for Business Program

        Motivation + Focus + Achievement = Success

As a Solopreneur, do you struggle with too much to do and not enough time to do it? Do you feel you are putting out more energy and effort into your business without receiving the payoff that you'd hoped for? Do you find yourself saying:

    I can't get it all done.

    I need help, but I can't afford it.

    I put in so much hard work for little payoff.

    I know what to do, but I put off or avoid important tasks.

    I haven't taken a vacation in a while, and I find it hard to relax.

    business motivationI'm running out of motivation for my business.

If you are struggling with your business, spinning your wheels and feeling frustrated with the marketing and sales aspects of business, you are not alone.

If you are a business owner struggling with procrastination, lack of business motivation, or even self sabotage - you'll find the answers you are looking for here.

Success comes one step at a time and by following through on your goals. But, as you've seen from the video (upper left), our goals can leave us feeling unsatisfied with even less motivation than when we began. Whether we actually follow through on our goals or not has to do with our motivation and focus. If we want to achieve more, we need to find our business motivation and work smarter, not harder!

The people who achieve more are not any smarter, more talented, special or any luckier than the rest of us. But, they do have something different - they have positive mental strategies, a mindset or attitude that is essential to business motivation and achievement.

Holly Stokes, the Brain Trainer

Over the years, working in the field of applied psychology, I began using these tools on myself and in my own business and motivation.

I've used these key principles to be more productive with my time, including authoring 2 books, creation of 10+ Hypnosis style CDs, keeping a busy practice, radio shows, youtube videos, hosting local events and workshops, managing an internship program and more. Plus, using these tools and principles, I've been able to continually grow my business and increase my profits year after year despite the lagging economy.

Are you ready for more from your business? Are you ready to:

     business training nlpGet More Done

     business training nlpMeet your Goals Consistently

     busienss training nlpPower Up Your Business Motivation

     business training nlpBe More Effective in your Marketing

     business training nlpAttract More Customers

     business training nlpClose More Sales

      business training nlpBuild Momentum and Grow your Business

The real secret to getting more done, marketing effectively, and growing your business really starts in your head. But there are some things you need to know first. There is important information missing from the business books. What is needed is a deeper understanding of people and the psychology behind business. Psychology is simply the study of what we think, feel and do.

Firstly, you need to know more about you. You need to know what makes you tick, your sources of motivation, and how to tap into your inner fire of enthusiasm. You need to understand your priorities so you can manage your energy and your time.

Secondly, to be more effective in your marketing, you need to understand people on a deeper level. You need to know how people think and what motivates them to make a purchase. If you are in business, it is your job to motivate people to buy something from you. If you are not generating sales, you won't be in business long.


If you are like most service based business professionals, you love what you do and you are really good at it. Your business is a vehicle that lets you bring your passion to the world and share your gifts and talents with others. But unless you can effectively bring your business to market, you won't be in business long.

When I first started my business, I was largely unprepared for what I needed to know to be effective in my business and marketing. But, bit by bit, drawing on the skill sets of Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP, the field of applied psychology, and cultivating a deep understanding of people, I began to piece the steps together. After 6 years experience in running my own business, I've brought the essential tools for success together in a program designed to give you the mental edge on your business.

Drawing on the advanced training in the tools of applied psychology, Neuro-Linguistics Programming and my own experience, I've distilled key principles and practical strategies that you can start applying in your business today for more motivation and greater focus.  When you have the right mindset and the right focus, you will be more effective, and accomplish more.

These are the tools to shift your mindset, take charge of your business motivation, hone your focus, and thus get more clients.

I've designed this course to help you shorten the learning curve in business and find your motivation, and give you the understanding you need to build your business so that it can provide you the lifestyle and financial income you want.

Train your Brain for Business Series training program covers the essentials for business success plus mental strategies and brain training tools togrow your business harness your business motivation and accelerate your business growth.

This powerful business training series is designed to help you make the mental shift, break out of the old ruts, and launch into your fabulous success! With the right tools and the right support, you will set yourself up for success! With the powerful tools of brain training, you will:

    Expand Your Vision

    Hone Your Focus

    Power Up Your Business Motivation

    Enhance your Productivity and Get More Done

    Shift your Mindset from Struggle to Strategy

    Get the Tools you Need to Make your Business  Work

    Shorten your Learning Curve in Your Sales, Marketing and Business Operations

Whether you are new to business or a seasoned professional, this course brings together the best tools and practical strategies to help you stay focused, be more motivated and get more done!

Make this your Year of Success!

Each Course title below contains over four hours of indepth content, brain training exercises, work sheets, and more. Course is delivered as MP3 downloads, worksheets, and webpages with more information. You can purchase the Train your Brain for Business Course A La Cart or Get the entire series and save! To purchase individual modules, scroll down to see course details.

Listen to the MP3 recordings on your way to the office and turn your commute into your power hour of business training to get the mental edge on your business and power up your motivation.

Train your Brain for Business Course (Recorded Classes) audio program see details below on each course
Set Up Your Mind for Success gives you the tools to hone your focus, gain clarity with your vision, and tune your brain into your goals and achievement.


Train your Brain for Productivity focuses on the aspects of prioritizing, being effective in with your time, and getting more done.


Train your Brain for the Marketing Mindset module focuses on knowing how to market. Utilizing principles of psychology, you'll discover how to be more effective in attracting more customers.
Train your Brain for Sales Made Easy focuses on getting rid of the mental blocks around sales, how to make the sales process comfortable and natural both for you and your prospects, and how to close more sales.
Train your Brain for Cashflow addresses the mental blocks we have around money. If the unconscious mind has negative associations with money, we will continue to struggle. This course will help you identify and begin the change the mental blocks you have with money.
Train your Brain to Build Your Team helps shift your mindset from solopreneur to managing a team, plus cost effective ways to get the help you need.

OR, Get the entire Train your Brain for Business Series, with over 24 hours of indepth content and 'brain training' and for focus, business motivation and accomplishment!

Set Up your Mind for Success

Train your Brain for Productivity and Achievement

Train your Brain for the Marketing Mindset

Train your Brain for Sales Made Easy

business training nlpTrain your Brain for Cashflow

business training nlpTrain your Brain to Build Your Team


Get the series  only $27 per month


You may cancel at any time

PLUS, FREE Business Breakthrough Session with the purchase of the 24 Course Series!

Simply make your purchase, then call to schedule your session: 503-351-8021

Get Started with a Business Breakthrough Session- in just 30 minutes, we'll line out your roadmap for overcoming the mental blocks, strategize for business growth and development and even line out a roadmap to your success! This session is FREE with your purchase of the 24 course series.


Whatever you want to achieve in your business, its vital to set up your mind for success. With the success mindset, you will create your own opportunities, take action on the opportunities that show up, and find solutions to any challenge or obstacle you face. Without the success mindset, you will continue to spin your wheels, stay too busy and feel stuck. Don't waste any more time, start training your brain for results!

Sarah Lambert, business testimonial"Holly provides material that can actively change your life and business. She offers an approach to business training that orients even the unconscious toward success, with strategies for making plans so you feel you've already succeeded when approaching a project. I found it highly useful and motivating in many ways."  --Sarah Lambert, Massage Therapist, www.BodyInsights.com


What is your next level of success? More clients? Completing a big project? That book that has been rolling around in your head? More time with your family, more money, more energy to do what you really love? more vacations?

With more mental focus, greater productivity, and more motivation, you can make it happen, but you need the right mindset! Are you ready to launch into your next level of success? Are you ready to stop spinning your wheels and step it up this year?


Set Up Your Mind for Success - This course is foundational to understanding your own mindset, making the mental shift for breaking out of old ruts and limited thinking, and incorporating deep level change so that you can launch your business into your next level. With the right mindset and the right support - you can achieve what you want.

        Set Up Your Mind for Success! This audio class covers the 5 Reasons most businesses fail, the 3 pitfalls in setting goals and how to turn your goal into a plan. Plus, the NLP strategy to turn any dream into reality.

      Your Big Dream and Your Guiding Compass! With your guiding compass, you'll have crystal clarity in making business decisions and recognizing the opportunities that best fit you and your business.

      Identify with Success and Live in your Spotlight! With hedgehogging tool, you'll identify your best focus of your business and bring passion to your business that fuels your business motivation! This tool shows you how to prioritize your time, your tasks, and what to start delegating.

      The 7 Levels of Change & Expanding your Comfort Zone! Discover the 7 levels of change that we need to address in order to really integrate deep level change. This process is so powerful it can blast out the old mental interference and bring your dream into a reachable, achievable focus.

Get the Set Up Your Mind for Success 4 Part Program!

 $27.00 access all digital downloads, 4 hours of content,

worksheets and more!


                                   Only $27 to Set Up your Mind for Success!

Kate Singh business testimonial" From the Class, Set Up Ypur Mind for Success, I could easily personalize Holly's examples with my own experiences to see how our words are creative and cue even our unconconsious mind to shift from negative to positive. The tools Holly shares are dynamic in creating new visual patterns for my life and business. If you are ready to move out of the survival mode and the rat race, and ready to expand your business and grow your life in positive ways, this course is for you."

   --Kate Singh, Aevum Images



Train your Brain Productivity & Achievement

This course helps you dial in your productivity so that you can get more done and achieve more - with better results! If you want easy to follow systems that you can use today - you'll find the tools here.

Planning Better Secrets, Tools and Tricks

Discover the tools to help you plan better, save time, prioritize your time and your goals and get more accomplished. Some systems will have you spending so much time on planning with complicated systems, but not here. With these quick and easy planning guides, you can keep the ball rolling in your business with these easy to follow guides.

Business Monthly Maps for Vision and Focus

Do you ever feel overwhelmed in running your business? If you are like most solopreneurs, you know how much time and focus it can take to keep a business rolling. With these monthly guides, you will quickly line out your objectives, keep your focus and maximize your time!

   Brain Care 101 and Living in your Spotlight - Boost your Energy! If you want to get more done, be more focused, and boost your motivation for staying on track, you simply must take care of your brain. Discover self care tips and tools to boosting your energy, managing your time, and your brain!

   Expert Interview: Victoria Cook, the Guilt Free Coach

The fabulous Victoria Cook, Chicago's own Guilt Free Coach joined us for a special interview as she shares with us her 7 Step RESULTS System. She works with small businesses, helping women business owners maintain life balance and get more done in business.

Get the Series Train your Brain for Productivity & Accomplishment


Only $27 for 4 hours of indepth training, tools and more.


Train your Brain for the Marketing Mindset

If you are in business, your number one job is marketing your business. To effectively market your business, you absolutely must understand the psychology of it. If you want more sales, you must understand why people buy and why they will buy from you! This course will give you the foundational information you need to know to be more effective and targeted in your marketing and to get more clients.

Watch your Competition and Learn. In this class, we cover how to watch and learn from your competition, how to turn your competition into colleagues, and the 3 essentials of Marketing: your market, your media, and your message.

Special Bonus Interview with Ronnie Noize, The Marketing Coach join The SoHo Marketing Guru as she shares her 5 point marketing system, you'll identify the 5 key elements you need to put to work for you in creating a marketing plan that works.

Unlock your Marketing Genius: Power of Language and NLP. 
Many business owners, and even national advertisers are making big mistakes, throwing out hundreds and thousands of dollars through poor advertising. Discover the secrets you need to unlock your marketing genius, target your message, and use the words that can turn your prospects into clients. With the right tools and the right know how, you can play the marketing game to win.

Online Marketing Trends and Social Media Expert Rinatta Paries

So much has changed by the internet in the last 10 years. If you don't have a website, you are not officially in business. Google is now an action verb, so is Facebook and Twitter.  We'll cover strategies for a more coordinated online approach, many of which strategies won't cost you a dime. Learn to ride the wave of marketing trends, get found on google, and make a splash in the online pool of business.

Get the Series Train your Brain for the Marketing Mindset.

                     Only $27.00 includes 4 hours of indepth material.


Train your Brain for Sales Made Easy

This course covers fundamentals for making the sales process more comfortable both for you and your prospects, and closing more sales. When you began your business, quite possibly you didn't know you'd be a salesperson. We can have mental blocks around sales that keep us from getting the results we want and need. This course gives you the tools to make sales easy.

business training nlp salesSet Up Your Mind to Feel Comfortable and Confident

With the powerful application of NLP, you can set yourself up to feel comfortable and confident in any situation. In this powerful process, we actually give your brain cues to step into feeling positive and on top of your game! As you are comfortable and confident your prospects feel it too.

business training nlp salesClose More Sales with The 5 Step Natural Sales Conversation

This 5 step natural sales conversation walks you through the sales process in a very simple, yet very effective sales conversation. This process allows your prospects to feel comfortable and responsive during the conversation. This 5 step process will allow you to qualify leads and close more sales.

business training nlp salesAvoid the Sales Gap: Following Up Tools and Tips
The sales process, conversion, and referrals can be an integrated and seamless operation if you put the right pieces in place. We'll discuss the top tools to allow you to more effective in following up with your prospects, and generating more referrals. Get your steps in place to work smarter with greater return on your time.

business training nlp salesReading your Prospects Body Language and Problem Solving

There are many subtle cues that we see everyday. This topic will help you start to identify what your prospects are really saying by their posture, their body language, and even their word choice. You may be missing sales - leaving money on the table if you are not catching these tell all signs!


Only $27 to Set Up your Mind for Easy Sales


Train your Brain for Money and Cash Flow! 

business money tree

business training nlp wealthy mind Building your Wealthy Frame of Mind: What money type personality are you? What do you need to find your money balance? Join us in understanding our money habits and money hangups as it all starts in your head. Discover key principles to begin shifting your money mindset for wealth and prosperity

business training nlp wealthy mind Top 5 Cashflow Pitfalls and Best Money Practices for Solo - Preneurs Find out how to avoid the top 5 pitfalls of money management for small business owners. Plus, identify the top 3 best money practices that you can put in place now for your business guaranteeing better cash flow.

business training nlp wealthy mind Best Income Models Discover why some business models are meant to flourish and others are set up to flounder. Which business model are you operating by and can it take care of you in business for the long term? You may need to make some adjustments and changes to how you do business so that you can enjoy the most out of your business profits.

business training nlp wealthy mind Self-Employed Retirement Planning with special guest speaker Dominic Sitowski Discover what you need to know as a small business owner in planning for your retirement. Identify the best 3 things to have in place as you build for your retirement, and set up your Tax Free Retirement!

business training nlp wealthy mindBonus: Best Business Practices with Jeff Leveen, Certified Public Accountant. Discover some of the best business resources and practices, what to do and what to avoid! Jeff covers detailed information about the best business structures, how to save on taxes, and more!


Only $27 to Train your Brain for Cashflow



Train Your Brain to Build Your Team

Are you finding you don't have enough time to get it all done? Are you looking to grow your business, but not yet comfortable with employing someone to help you? We have your answers here in this four part class.

business training nlp wealthy mindAffording Help with Low Cost Options to Expand your Team. In this teleclass we look at some of the options to adding people to your team, from employees to independent contractors and more. We also cover the mindset shift for growing your team with an NLP visualization tool.

business training nlp wealthy mindGetting Help: Developing an Internship Program: Deanna Maio

Join guest expert Deanna Maio on understanding how to develop and run a successful and sustainable internship program. In the last two years, Deanna has worked with dozens of interns allowing her more time and energy to focus on growing her business. In this course, she offers you the essentials to getting help at no cost to you.

business training nlp wealthy mindManaging People Tools and Tips
Discover some keys to understanding people that are working with you, plus tools and tips for delegating work to be done and creating followthrough systems for you and your team.

business training nlp wealthy mindExpert Interview: Hiring Help with Kaley Baker

Kaley Baker has been the co-owner of Dow Columbia in Portland Oregon. She will share with us her triumphs and difficulties of managing 25 employees. Plus, she'll offer how to prepare for the adventure of employees, management tools and more.

Only $27.00 to Train Your Brain to Build Your Team


Get the entire Series: Train your Brain for Business Course with over 24 Hours of Indepth Content!   

Get the 24 Hour Course with indepth 'brain training' for focus, motivation and achievement!

Set Up your Mind for Success

Train your Brain for Productivity and Achievement

Train your Brain for the Marketing Mindset

Train your Brain for Sales Made Easy

business training nlp salesTrain your Brain for Cashflow

business training nlp wealthy mindTrain your Brain to Build Your Team

Get the 24 Course Series only $127



PLUS, FREE Business Mindset Analysis Session with either your purchase of the 24 Teleclass series! Simply make your purchase, then call to schedule your session: 503-351-8021

Get Started with a Business Mindset Analysis - in just 30 minutes, we'll line out your roadmap for overcoming the mental blocks, strategize for business growth and development and even line out a roadmap to your success!


With the right training and the right support - you can set up your mind for success, boost your business motivation and make this your best year yet!

Call now and let's get started: 503-351-8021

Victoria Cook, the guilt free coach


After just one session I had greater focus, and more passion and excitement for my business purpose. I also experienced a renewed sense of confidence in myself and what I offer my clients. I also felt the importance of moving forward not just for me but for the benefit of those I really want to serve. I’m no longer feeling stuck and am powerfully moving my business forward with enthusiasm.

I’m excited about continuing to work with Holly to “train MY brain” and create a business that supports my lifestyle and allows me to make a difference in the lives of my clients. - Victoria Cook, The Guilt-Free Coach 

 Make This Your Year of Success

Whether you are just beginning in business, or a seasoned professional, these advanced strategies and tools for brain training and mental focus will help you launch to your next level. With this affordable program, it may be the best business investment you make all year!

Get the Entire Series Train your Brain for Business!

$127 Includes 24 weeks of ongoing mental tools, best practices, worksheets, MP3 lessons, brain training and more for getting the mental edge and growing your business. That's 6 months of training and support as you move your business to the next level with greater business motivation, focus and productivity.

Invest in your best asset - you!


Questions? E-mail Holly Here Now!



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