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    From Coach to Awakener

            by Robert Dilts


Coach Training Program

Become a Coach!

Working as a Coach offers you a fulfilling and satisfying career. If you love to share other’s triumphs, find joy in empowering others, believe in the power of the individual to understand their own life, and want to help people achieve their potential, then coaching is for you! Coaching can provide you a flexible career, allowing you to choose your own hours, even work from the comfort of your own home.

Coaches are working everywhere: with students, business professionals, in health and fitness, with business owners, moms, and more. With the powerful skill set of Coaching, you will learn to help people clarify their focus and direction, choose goals that work for them, hear what your clients are really saying, and discover powerful tools that last a lifetime! Coaching is a great background for anyone who works with people, wants to inspire motivation, and learn the essential keys to communications that can give you the edge in your career, better support your relationships, better manage people, and empower yourself and others to live your best life now!

With Expanding Potentials online Coach training, you will cover all the basics of being an Empowering Coach, gain experience of both Coaching, and being Coached, and gain support in building your Coaching Career. Our online coach training program offers you the flexibility of gaining your certification through the comfort of your own home, with hours that work for you. This allows you to build your practice in a way that easily fits your life!

The next Online Coach training course begins soon!

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Expanding Potentials Coaching program offers the fundamentals of Coaching, plus, NLP Perspectives, ways of engaging the brain, to help clients get even better results! see NLP

Coach Training Modules: This outlines specific tools in each module, plus the pricing sheet! Coach Training you can afford! click here for Coach Program Outline

  • Basics of Coaching
  • Coaching Fundamentals
  • Getting Started
  • Coaching Toolbox
  • Coaching in Practice
  • Coaching with Mastery

Expanding Potentials Coach Certification program offers 34 hours of coach training and experience.

  • 24 hours of Instructor supervised training
  • 10 hours of Coaching experience

You might pay anywhere between $2,900-$4,000 for other online trainings,

Expanding Potentials price: We make Coach Training affordable, only $325 per month. Space is limited, Email us now for your Coach Training application. Students accepted by application only!

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Plus, you get all the benefit of attending NLP courses running during your certification which will count toward your NLP Practitioner program.

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The next Online Coach training course begins soon!

*NLP Training: The added tools, strategies, and benefits of working with NLP help coaches be more effective with clients, and offer a broad base of tools for addressing any challenge. In looking for a Coaching program, we highly recommend Coaching programs that offer NLP training.