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Fears, Phobias

Do you have a fear of heights, fear of flying, fear of water, fear of ladders, fear of spiders, or even fear of public speaking? These fears can be common and debilitating. The fear response is automatic and physiological as the brain runs the fear response anytime its triggered.

You may have had a negative event in the past that led to your fear. We often "learn" these responses by observing others. You may have a specific fear as those mentioned above, or your mind may have generalized the fear response to other things similar to the original situation.

What if you no longer had that old fear? How could your life be different? What more could you do, be, experience? With advanced brain training strategies, it can be easy. In just a few easy sessions, you can find the freedom to live your life without the old fears. Discover the freedom to do the things you want, rather than avoiding situations. You’ll feel more confident and secure, more assured of life and yourself.

Whether specific or generalized, its simply a matter of training your mind to do something different. With advanced knowledge and training in how the mind operates, it's now easier than ever to re-educate these responses, and create new associations that allow you to move beyond the fear response and experience calm and well-being.

Discover a greater ability to enjoy your daily life as you train your mind to respond in a new way and redirect your focus. It’s simple,you learned it somewhere, and because it was a learned response, you can “unlearn” it, and train your mind to create a new response (even if you don't remember where you learned it from).

Free yourself…Take charge of your thoughts and feelings! Live life with aliveness and wellbeing - and choose your best future now!

Train your Mind with new responses. Feel comfortable and confident in place of the old fears.


Life Coach Holly Stokes Portland, Or

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I work with clients all across the U.S. by phone or in person in the Salt Lake City, UT area. Call now to schedule your starter session: 503-351-8021