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Discover your Optimal Nutrition

with DNA Analysis

Genetic and Nutritional Interaction Research Explained

It's Not Just Your Genes


Genetic Testing

If your Genes could talk, would you listen? Advances in science have discovered that certain genetic variations (which may or may not run in your family) will cause your body to use your nutrition differently. This DNA Analysis (send in a cheek swab to Sciona labs) tests for genetic variations in your profile that can be influenced by your nutrition, and even takes into account your current lifestyle.

Gene SNP report then offers recommendations based on how your body metabolizes food, utlizes nutrients, and removes toxins. Gene SNP uncovers the ability of your genes to respond to nutritional and environmental factors that affect heart health, bone health, insulin sensitivity, antioxidant function, detoxifitication efficiency and inflammatory response.

Discover what your Genes Could Tell You:

Your GenefSNP report will identify where you are in relation to your nutritional goals for optimal health, and what changes you can make to get there. You wil receive a report of your genetic profile, supplement recommendations to offset any identifiable genetic variations.

By knowing your genetic profile, you can take preventative measures through diet and lifestyle, and supplement your health and nutrition with even better accuracy, taking the guesswork out of nutrition. Here's just a sample of what you'll learn:

  • Understand your genetic code
  • Learn valuable information on the relationship between your genetic profile and maintaining optimal health
  • Determine how to promote your health through healthy eating habits, nutritional supplements and other lifestyle improvements
  • Support the normal functioning of your genes

Once you know your profile, you can better choose supplements that support your optimal health and nutrition. Or, you can even order customized supplements to meet your profile.

Order yours today, and receive these bonuses!

  • FREE 30 min. consultation to identify your health priorities and create your plan of action.
  • FREE 1 month supply of customized supplements to meet your profile.

Health Coaching packages can be added to help you stay on track and put your new knowledge into action. Get started today with your DNA Analysis kit!

Genetic and Nutritional Interaction Research Explained:

It's Not Just Your Genes, by by Ruth DeBusk and Yael Joffe