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uncovering your hidden power

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See what women are saying about Uncovering your Hidden Power: A Woman's Key to Emotional Freedom!


"I have a stable relationship, so at first I didn't think this program was for me. But everytime we have an argument, I feel so anxious and upset. I got the program and began listening - and I love it! This is not for just single women - its for all women who want to feel stronger in themselves. From that strength, I found a greater sense of myself. This program has helped me connect more with myself and share even more deeply with my partner."  -- Mary J

" This program was amazing! I had just broken up with my boyfriend, I was feeling so heartbroken. Listening to this audio helped me to feel calmer, more grounded and secure in myself."

-- Barbara H.

"After listening to uncovering your hidden power, I found myself more calm and better able to focus on my life, even though I am single. It took the edge off my need for a partner, and now I can enjoy the process of dating." -- Susan J.

"Even though I have  been divorced for two years, I still found myself feeling sad and lonely. I just hadn't gotten used to the idea of being single. After listening to this program, I felt a greater sense of connection, and a calm and relaxed feeling just flowed through me. I feel a renewed sense of life and hope about my future." 

-- Kristin E.



    - Do you struggle with feelings of loneliness, anxiety or depression when you are single or when your relationship isn't working the way you want?

    - Do you feel frustrated with yourself that you experience such intense emotions?

    - Don't you wish these intense feelings would just stop?

With the new audio program, you will find the answer to these intense emotions that may be troubling you:

uncovering hidden powerUncovering Your Hidden Power: A Woman's Key to Emotional Freedom audio programis designed to help you update your conscious and unconscious mind so that all of you can operate from a more healthy and well balanced mindset within your relationships.Here's what you'll get from working with this program.


  uncovering your hidden powerA deep sense of calm no matter what is happening with your relationship situation

    uncovering your hidden powerTake the edge off of troublesome emotions

    uncovering your hidden powerSee your situation with more clarity

    uncovering your hidden powerFind the inner strength to make the right choices for you

    uncovering your hidden powerFind a greater sense of wellbeing

    uncovering your hidden powerFeel a greater sense of security within yourself

    uncovering your hidden powerExperience a greater control over your emotions and behaviors

    uncovering your hidden powerExperience more self esteem and self acceptance

    uncovering your hidden powerHave more relationship confidence

    uncovering your hidden powerBe more authentic and powerful in your relationship interactions

    uncovering your hidden powerFeel that you matter and you are important

    uncovering your hidden powerBreak the cycle of needing validation from men

    benefits uncovering hidden powerBe more present and centered within yourself

    benefits uncovering hidden powerYou will feel an internal sense of okayness

    benefits uncovering hidden powerYou will find your inner calm

    uncovering your hidden power Relief from feelings of devastation and loss

    benefits uncovering hidden powerHave a greater feeling of satisfaction about life and even joy despite what is happening or not happening in your romantic life

uncovering your hidden power programWhat would it be worth to you to take the edge off of anxiety, desperation, and loneliness, around your relationship issues? And now think of getting that relief for only $14.95

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Are you ready to break free of the negative emotions? With this breakthrough program, you'll find freedom from the negative emotions, reorient yourself to staying positive, and begin finding that place within you that allows for moving through relationship troubles with greater ease and calm. Here's the focus of each track:

      * A relaxation exercise that will help you find your internal peace and calm.
      * A segment is designed to take the edge off the old troublesome feelings and give you power over your emotions.
      * An exercise to relax into enjoying all the stages of romantic relationships in a way you have never been able to do before.
      * Plus more, including ideas for what to do next no matter where you are in the stages of your relationship (or lack of relationship).

Just to be clear, there is no male bashing in this program. What you will experience is a unique, unprecedented process designed to help you reorient your perspective, and become more balanced in your relationships with men.

This program is a cocreation of Holly Stokes, The Brain Trainer and Rinatta Paries, The Original Relationship Coach. Holly brings her background of understanding the mental habits and patterns, and how the brain can easily make updates to the old mental files. Rinatta brings her expertise of understanding what women need in facing the struggles with romantic relationships or lack thereof.

Together, we've created a powerful tool for you to use over and over as a way of changing your perspective helping you uncover your hidden power, allowing you to enjoy to finally enjoy life regardless of your relationship experience. As an added benefit, you will find your relationship experiences to be even more satisfying.

Holly Stokes, The Brain Trainer


Holly Stokes, The Brain Trainer has extensively trained in the world of personal development, and love to design tools that help people move forward. I have authored two books and recorded several CDs to help people overcome the negative habits and patterns that block us. She is passionate about helping people make profound changes in life by changing old mental patterns, reorienting perspectives and finding greater happiness and wellbeing.

Rinatta Paries, The Relationship Coach

Rinatta Paries, The original Love and Relationship Coach has been actively coaching for 14 years. Rinatta helps singles, those with relationship struggles and those experiencing a break up, attract loving relationships, turn their relationships around. She has authored 120 articles on relationships and have created a number of relationship programs. I find helping people heal their hearts and find the love they want is my life calling, my passion and my joy.


uncovering your hidden powerGet it now. Get the relief you seek for feeling more calm, more centered in yourself, with a greater ability to enjoy your life and relationships!

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Only $14.95 


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