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Here's some of the programs and brain training CDs that I've developed to help you Set Up Your Mind for Success and Get the Most of out of Life!

Lighter You! System for Lasting Weight Loss

weight loss program book

Lighter You! Train Your Brain to Lose Weight Book

  • Lighter You! Health Coach's Guide to Nutrition in Action
  • Lighter You! Mind Body Weight Loss 6 part CD set

stress relief cd

Train your Brain for Stress Relief



Life Coaching guidebook

Living Your Best Life Life Coaching Guidebook



Health & Pain Reduction

self healing cd pain managementEnhancing your Body's Ability for Self Healing



woman's emotional freedom programUncovering Your Hidden Power: A Woman's Key to Emotional Freedom


Business Focus

mind for wealth and prosperityEngaging your Mind for Wealth and Prosperity


Set Up Your Mind for Success Business Training Series


Happiness is in making peace with your past, being firmly grounded in the present and having a compelling vision of your future!


   Living Your Best Life Now Coaching Guidebook

 Life Coaching Book Portland Or, Holly Stokes, Life Coach

Discover your life direction with clarity. It's time to Create a Life you Love! click here for details



My Favorite Book:

The Alchemist

Paulo Coelho


A New Earth

Eckharte Tolle



By Skype or phone, we can work through your problems and find solutions that work!

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6 Week Train Your Brain for Happiness!

Join us for the Teleclass series, Train Your Brain for Happiness! The first class is free.

Tues. March 18, 7-8 Mountain, 6-7 Pacific

Class is held by phone, sign in below to receive the call in number by email.

Could you be happier? Happiness often seems elusive, just out of reach or off in the land of someday - we'll be happy someday when we get the new car, the new house, or once we've achieved a certain goal.

Through this call, discover the 5 mental habits that destroy happiness and what you can do about them. Don't fall into these common traps. Happiness can be part of your baseline everyday once you've learned the positive mental strategies for happiness. How would it be to look forward to everyday with wonder and excitement? How would it be to feel really good about who you are and where you are in life's journey?

In the first free class, you'll find out what to watch out for in your mental habits, plus learn powerful mental strategies for setting up new mental habits quickly.You'll:

     happiness tipsLearn how to create instant stress relief

     happiness tipsDiscover a strategy to stop worry

     happiness tipsExperience a mindfulness exercise

     happiness tipsDiscover the power of beliefs

     happiness tipsStart your happiness journal

     happiness tipsand More!

With these powerful tools, you'll be well on your way to expanding your happiness and well being in your daily life.

This free class is part of the six week series, Train Your Brain for Happiness.

In this six week series, we'll address the issues that get in the way of our happiness and discover the positive mental strategies to feeling better, grow your happiness, and cultivate a greater sense of aliveness. Week by week, you'll clear the mental interference, learn new strategies, incorporate new mental habits and set up your mind for greater well being and growing your life happiness and more.

Begins March 18 and meets Tuesdays 7-8 Mountain, 6-7 Pacific

Register by signing up in the form above and you'll get the call in number and conference code by email. Here's the six week line up.

Week One: 5 Mental Habits that Destroy Happiness

Learn about the 5 Mental Habits that Destroy Happiness and what you can do about them. We'll draw on the powerful tools of NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming to help you set up new habits quickly and effectively so that you can break free of these mental traps and start living more fully and vibrantly. We'll also explore mindfulness meditation as a way to clear your mind and grow your baseline of well being.

Week Two: Difficult Times

Life is not always rainbows and flowers. In fact, life is downright hard sometimes. Sometimes life will kick your butt. We'll explore tools that can help you cope with difficult times and how to extract the learnings from your situation so that you can move forward in a healthy way. Discover how to cope with difficult times in a better way.

Week Three: Positive Mindset & Flow

In this course, we'll set up the brain for more positive thinking. When you think more positively, you have a brighter outlook on life which also relates to your happiness. A positive mindset is essential to feeling good and looking forward to a bright future. We'll also explore the concept of Flow as refered to by Mihaly Csikzsentmihalyi. When you are in a state of flow, you experience a sense of timelessness. Creating more flow in your life adds to your happiness and well being.

Week Four: Inspired Self

Too often, we define ourselves by what we are capable of, what we can do, and so we evaluate our worth by outside measures. In this class, we'll explore our true nature and true worth. We'll explore letting go of the past experiences, allowing you to be free of the past and move forward with greater ease and well being. Your past does not define you, but it can shape your perspective.


Week Five: Flow with Life

In this class, we'll explore the personal connection to the divine within. We'll focus on trust, faith and asking the angels for guidance and direction. When you feel connected spiritually, you feel a greater peace and calm within. This inner peace can be a safe haven for you in difficult times.

Week Six:  The Art of Being

Being fully present is the basis for fully living. We'll cultivate what it means to be fully present and in the moment through meditation. We'll also explore the soul connection through a meditative process and aligning to your higher soul potential. This class we further the exploration of the connection to the divine and how it translates into daily living.

 Join us for the six week tele-class series. Create greater well being in your daily life and grow your happiness. There are two ways to register for this series.

Option 1: Register for the Teleclass Only

With this option you'll get

    - Participate in the 6 Live Tele-Classes

    - Get the Recordings of the Tele-classes as MP3s



Option 2: Register with 1 year Membership in the A Lighter You Online Program

With this option you get

     - Participate in the 6 Live Tele-Classes

     - Get the Recordings of the Tele-Classes as MP3s


     - The ebook, Train Your Brain to Slim Your Body

     - The ebook, Health Coach's Guide to Nutrition in Action

     - A Lighter You Mind Body Weight Loss 6 hypnosis MP3s

Plus, one year membership in A Lighter You online program:

     - Participate in A Lighter You Train Your Brain to Slim Your Body 6 week course with Live calls

     - Get the recordings of A Lighter You Train Your Brain to Slim Your Body as MP3s.

     - Monthly Weight Loss Coaching Calls

     - VIP rates for one on one coaching and hypnosis

     - Participate in any recurring class of Train Your Brain for Happiness as long as you are an active member


$195 for One Year Membership


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