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Top 4 Essentials to improving your nutrition:

1. Take a Good Daily Mulitivitamin

2. Make the Transition to Low Glycemic and Whole Foods

3. Increase your Antioxidants

4. Take Omega 3 Oils


In the Lighten Up Mind Body Weight Loss Workbook:

  • Replace unhealthy foods with healthy choices
  • Low Glycemic Principles
  • How to Adapt Recipes and Create Substitutions
  • Superfoods
  • Recipes
  • Easy Ways to Make the Transition to a Healthier You!


Nutrition & Optimal Health

Would you like more energy, reduce aches and pains? Safeguard your health and feel great with these Optimal Health Solutions!

We are in the middle of a Health Crisis! With the rise of health care costs, rise of chronic illness, obesity rates at an all-time high (even among children), increase of environmental pollutants, and degradation of the diet, so many factors are taking us down a long dark road. Safeguard your health, reduce your risks, and increase your energy and vitality: Did you know?

  • The American Cancer Society states that "1/3 of all cancer deaths could have been avoided through diet and exercise." www.cancer.org visit facts sheet
  • 65% of Americans are overweight! Being overweight increases your risk of illness. Cardiovascular disease is America's #1 killer, followed by cancer.

Stop Counting Calories - Make Your Nutrition Count! Discover simple ways to incorporate better foods, avoid the foods that don't work for your body, and slim down naturally!

  • Based on Low Glycemic Principles
  • Stop Counting Calories
  • Make Healthier Choices
  • Feel Better, Increase Your Energy!
  • Combat Effects of Stress
  • Safeguard Your Health

Wondering where to start?

  • Start by Eating Healthy with Lighten Up Mind Body Weight Loss System, see details here
  • Keep A Regular Fitness Program, find resources here
  • Take a Quality Multivitamin, see recommendations below
  • Recommended supplements to support your health: Omega 3, Antioxidants, and more. See details below

ShakeologySimplify Your Nutrition! Combines proteins, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes to increase your energy, simplify your nutrition, and lose weight! see details here

My Review:They've really done their homework! Over 70 + phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, make this a complete health drink! Flavored with stevia, its low glycemic, naturally sweet, and okay for the lactose intolerant! I like the chocolate flavor, add fruit or berries for great smoothies. click here for weight loss testimonials!


activit multivitaminsActivit Multivitamins: High Quality Multivitamins, antioxidants, and body toning, or metabolism formula to help you achieve your weight loss goals. see details here


core nutritionResults Pack : Meal Replacement Shake, Activit Multivitamins, Cal Mag, and Core Omega 3. your month supply ships to your door, and gives you your foundation for solid nutrition. see details here


omega 3 supplementsOmega 3 Supplements: Suggested to Supply Healthy Fats, month supply, only $21.95, click here   My Review: These Omega 3 Fish oils are specially formulated in time release capsules. There is no aftertaste, no fish oil burps later as with other capsules I've tried!


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