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Lighten Up! Audio Course: Six CDs to Train your Brain for Lasting Weight Loss Success


If you are tired of struggling with food, obsessing about food, counting calories...

If you are ready for a new approach- you'll want to find out more about the Lighten Up System!

With the Lighten Up System - You'll find the answers to:

Transform Cravings

Gently Change Habits

End Emotional Eating

Stop Stress Eating

Transform Food Addictions

Engage your Body's Own Wisdom for Natural Eating

Discover a New Relationship with Food

Discover the Healthy You

Still Love Food


Make Changing your Habits Easier with my Lighten Up System!

Address the main causes of gaining weight, change old thinking and emotional patterns, and train your brain to slim down

and keep your after!


Click here Listen to audio excerpts:


6 Audios Designed to:

  • Step into your Healthy You
  • Curb Your Cravings
  • Enlighten Your Body Image
  • Release your Reasons
  • Motivation for Fitness
  • Boost Your Metabolism


Office Locations:

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Vancouver, WA 98684

9955 SE Washington Ave. Suite 320 Portland, OR 97216

I work with clients all across the U.S by phone, call now to schedule your starter session!


Call Holly: 503-351-8021

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and more!


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Are you ready to stop struggling?

If you've struggled with weight, if you are tired of counting calories and you don't want to start another are in the right place! You are here because you are ready for a new approach!                                                                                           There are a lot of myths in the world of weight loss, always a next fad, another diet, a pill, and now clothing that shrinks you? We are spending billions every year, America continues to gain weight. We don't need another diet or pill -

holly stokes, the brain trainerWhat we need is a new approach! - if we want real weight loss with lasting results - we don't need more bars and shakes, more pills, we need something that can last, we need a mental shift!                                                                        Hi, I'm Holly Stokes,"The Brain Trainer," and Author of Lighten Up! Train your Brain to Lose Weight. I have been helping many just like you release the fat, and slim down to your healthy fit self!

Weight loss can be complicated, and if you are one of those who've tried every diet, lost weight, but gained it right back plus more - you are probably frustrated and feel like you've tried everything. Don't worry- I have your answers here...


Why do some people struggle, and others seem not to have to worry about their weight? We all know people who seem to eat whatever they want, and never have to worry about getting fat. It almost doesn't seem fair!

Most of us know what we need to do - creating the plan is not hard, it's following through that's the challenge. What gets in the way of following through are our habits! We have obvious habits in what we do, but we also have habits in what we think and how we feel, and it's these often unseen habits that get in our way the most. Mostly we are aware of them as cravings, lack of motivation, and excuses!

What makes the difference? The key difference is in how our brains operate around foods, our past history of foods, and the mental habits that determine our motivation. If you are ready for a weight loss program that works with lasting results - this program is for you!

  • Willpower alone doesn't work! If you've struggled with weight - it's not your fault. You may have tried willpower before, said, "I'm not going to eat any more sugar" - but then, it's as if you see it everywhere - even things you hadn't noticed before. You may pass up the first cookie, even the soda, but then the donut comes along and you give in.
  • Diets only work for a short time. You may have found results for awhile, you may have starved yourself, counted calories, but 6 months later, the weight returned, plus more! Diets suck anyway, who wants to feel hungry, deprived or weak?

Old habits and cravings are wired into your brain. If you've found yourself craving junk foods, perking up at the sight of fast food, or if you've experienced self - sabotage with past programs, your brain is working against you. It's not your fault - these old habits are just wired in! But now, there is something you can do!

No Pills, No Shakes, No Food Police, No Meal Packages, or Foods that Taste like Cardboard!

- Just Real Food and Your Brain

"I found myself passing up Stromboli for a salad - it just sounded better - that's never happened before!"

--Laura W. Portland, OR


Get Your Roadmap from Fat to Fit! With the right tools and support, you can slim down to your healthy fit self and even train your brain to prefer healthy foods! Your body can slim down naturally as you change old habits, and think differently about foods and fitness.

With my Lighten Up weight loss programs, you'll find the answers in training your brain, gently changing your habits, controlling your cravings, and even finding yourself prefering healthy foods. If you are ready to try something new, if you are ready to:

weight loss programRelease the Struggle

weight loss programStop Counting Calories

weight loss programIncrease your Energy

weight loss programGo From Fat to Fit

weight loss programGet Heart Healthy

weight loss programFeel Great About Yourself!

weight loss programSlim Down to your Ideal Weight - Naturally!

weight loss programYou'll want to get started!


From years of teaching healthy lifestyle and weight loss classes, I've discovered the key essentials to helping clients release fat and keep it off!

Most of us know we'd be healthier if we ate more fruits and vegetables, but what keeps us from doing what we know we should? Our habits! We have obvious habits in what we do, but we also have habits in what we think and how we feel, and it's these often unseen habits that get in our way the most. Mostly we are aware of them as cravings, lack of motivation, and excuses!

When you train your brain to help you think and feel differently about foods and health - releasing fat is a whole different game!


You can train your brain to prefer healthy foods, and slim down naturally to your ideal, healthy weight! With other weight loss programs, you may feel deprived, tired or weak. But with the Lighten Up System, you'll feel energized and motivated as you change old thinking patterns, feel better about you, and train your brain for health, vitality and well-being!

If releasing fat has been a struggle - Weight No More!

It's time to Lighten Up!


weight loss photoweight loss after photo "I went down 4 dress sizes and lost 25 lbs. This was exactly what I wanted! I wanted to start making healthy choices without even thinking about it!" Penny C, Portland OR


Slim Down and Keep Your After! Finally, there is a way to release the fat and keep it off with the Lighten Up System! You can change your thoughts and feelings about food, health, and your body! Stop Yoyo dieting, counting calories, and constantly obsessing about food, help your body create it's ideal weight easily and naturally!

With these easy ways to get started, you can begin to train your brain for health, and slim down to your ideal weight - naturally!


weight loss testimonial client photo "I lost 6 pounds in just one week while listening to Curb Your Cravings. It was so effortless, it almost happened overnight! I just stopped eating snack foods I was eating before, I found just didn't want them anymore."                                                -- Janet K, Vancouver, WA

holly stokes, the brain trainerGet Started with the Lighten up Weight Loss Analysis! Only $25 and 30 minutes, you'll discover:

weight loss programYour Roadmap to your Lighter Freer Self

weight loss programThe source causes of cravings and self sabotage

weight loss programYour Unique Weight Blueprint

Click to Register, and then Call to Schedule your 30 minute

session, Call: 503-351-8021


We can schedule at Portland, OR or Vancouver, WA offices, or by phone.


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