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These great programs can help you stay on track in the comfort of your own home:

Tony Horton's 10 Minute Trainer workout set. Get fit in only 10 minutes a day!

Debbie Seiber's Slim in 6

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Shaun T's Fit Kids Club

A great way to get kids motivated at home, and only $19.95!

With Team Beach Body's FREE membership program, you can join the team, no purchase necessary, and receive these great benefits!

  • Access to WOWY - online workout community where you could be the winner of daily prizes,digital cameras, ipods, $300 or $1000!
  • Online support from your Personal Coach
  • Great tips from weekly diet and fitness newsletter


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Motivation for Exercise


Do you  know you should exercise, but you just can't make yourself do it? If you struggle with motivation, I have the solution for you. In over 6 years of teaching healthy lifestyle classes, I've found that the 'just do it' doesn't cut it when you are struggling with motivation.

What we really need is to change our thoughts and feelings about exercise and fitness so that we can be motivated and look forward to a great workout.

exercise motivation hypnosis CDMotivation for Fitness Hypnosis CD. Next time you are feeling low on motivation, simply listen to this audio. This motivational CD uses positive imagery, breathing, and focus skills to get you up and moving in no time!


You'll love how you feel as this hypnosis style CD of guided imagery walks you through a guided imagery process to focus on all the positive benefits of a great workout! Use this hypnosis style CD regularly as a great way to stay on track with your health and fitness goals. Let fitness become an easy and natural part of your life!

"After listening to Motivation for Fitness CD, I went out and joined a gym. It got me on a path of regular exercise and I feel great! -- Misty W. Vancouver, WA


How do I fit one more thing into my schedule? All you need is 15 minutes, listen while you are getting ready. Listen to Motivation for Fitness before you plan to workout, while you are getting ready, even while you are doing houswork! Listen to Motivation for Fitness during those times when " I know I should workout - but I feel lazy." Listen when you feel a lack of motivation or just don't want to do it.

You'll find your attitude about fitness and movement changing, loving your workouts, and feeling great!

Listen to sample here

What fitness can do for you!

    exercise benefitsDecrease feelings of stress

    exercise benefitsIncrease your energy

    exercise benefitsSafeguard your health

    exercise benefitsRecycles the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline

    exercise benefitsKeeps your heart healthy

    exercise benefitsLowers your cholesterol

    exercise benefitsGets you in shape

    exercise benefitsBoost your self esteem

    exercise benefitsLift your mood

    exercise benefitsFeel good - Look great!

You'll be feeling better and looking great as you incorporate regular fitness into your day.

"This CD really works, I just wasn't feeling motivated and decided to listen to the CD. 15 minutes later, I had my running shoes on and was in the right mindset for a great workout."

-- Kim S, Vancouver, WA


A Lighter You Mind Body Weight Loss Hypnosis CDsThis Motivation for Fitness CD is part of the 6 part CD set, Mind for Body Weight Loss CD series. This six part hypnosis CD series is designed to change your mental patterns, and bust through the mental roadblocks that get in the way of achieving your healthy lifestyle and ideal weight.

Wouldn't it be great if you naturally started to reach for healthy foods? What if you looked forward to a great workout with enthusiasm? What if weight loss were easy and natural for you instead of a struggle?

Use all six Hypnosis CDs for best results. Here's whats included in the six part Mind Body Weight Loss Hypnosis CD series:

    exercise benefitsStep Into Your Healthy You

    exercise benefitsCurb Your Cravings

    exercise benefitsMotivation for Fitness

    exercise benefitsBoost Your Metabolism

    exercise benefitsRelease Your Reasons

    exercise benefitsEnlighten Your Body Image

Simply listen to the CDs, and they will install positive thoughts and feelings about your healthy lifestyle, fitness, and achieving your ideal weight.

Get the Complete Homestudy Course comes with the six hypnosis weight loss MP3s plus the two books:

A Lighter You Train your Brain to Slim your Body which focuses on advanced mental strategies for breaking free of the Clean your Plate Club, curtailing cravings, destressing, finding your motivation and more!

A Lighter You Health Coach's Guide to Nutrition in Action focuses on complex nutrition information, low glycemic eating and diabetic friendly, and makes it easy to follow guides for maximizing your natural weight loss.

exercise benefitsPlus receive the bonus hypnosis MP3: Automatic Weight Loss. This MP3 download is only 15 minutes long, and it engages your unconscious mind to automatically help you slim down to your ideal healthy weight. It talks to your unconscious mind which is in charge of automatically regulating your body and helps your body slim down naturally.

Questions? Call Holly: 503-351-8021


motivation for exerciseGet Motivation for Fitness Hypnosis MP3 Get the complete Homestudy course, six hypnosis mp3s and two books!

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