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Parent & Family Coaching

Teens aren't the only ones who need support during the adolescent years. Parents may find their teen breaking rules, challenging authority, and even feel dismay as their communications and relationship deteriorates. During the adolescent years, teens are trying to learn independence, formulate their own sense of identity, but they still want guidance. However, not in the same ways that they did before. As a parent, as you learn to give more responsibility to your teen, you also empower them on the path to being responsible adults.

Parent with Balance is a program designed for parents to help them and their teen navigate the changes as teens learn independence, gain freedoms and discover new sense of identity. Parenting with Balance is designed to help parents foster communication, self-awareness, empowerment, responsibility, and accountability as teens learn to take on more responsibilities and learn positive decision making skills.

Benefits of Working with a Teen and Family Coach: Parents and teens have a past history that can often get in the way of their communications. By working as a Teen and Family Coach, our Coaches help bridge the gap between parents and teens. In working with both parties, we offer positive communication skills and training, and provide a format and guidelines for creating your ideal family environment. We address both the perspectives of the teen, the parents, and the family as a system. We focus on creating solutions that can move parents and teens forward. Coaching is about finding solutions, developing strategies that work, and creating forward motion.

What Parents and Families Get From Working with a Coach: In customizing Coaching for parents, we focus on areas that help you stay calm and in charge, be focused, understand important factors in effective rules, learn how to make boundaries and consequences work for you, and discover practical Coaching tools which can shift your relationship to the positive aspects of these growing years. Discover ways to foster your teen's awareness, inspire accountability, and become a guide and mentor for your teen. Parent Coaching program may include:

  • Positive Communications Training
  • Establishing Family Commitments
  • Creating Ideal Family Environment
  • Understanding the Family as a System
  • Create an Environment of Respect
  • Develop Workable Solutions as a Unit
  • Ensure Your Teen is Set Up for Success
  • Relieve Stress on the Relationship

Family Orientation and Solutions Training provides the youth and family with training in Positive Communications, Finding Workable Solutions, as well as setting boundaries and guidelines for creating a positive family and home environment for both the youth, parents, and other siblings. Two half-day training sessions (or one full day for out of area clients) incorporates creating a team environment, understanding roles, committing to responsibilities, and establishing guidelines for working together. The half day Family Orientation and Solutions Training session includes:

  • Defining Family Agreements
  • Positive Communications Training
  • Creating the Ideal Family Environment
  • Members’ Roles and Responsibilities
  • Clarifying Family Goals and Action Plan

Following the Family Orientation, we work one on one with both the teen and parent (depending on your program structure) in identifying the main challenges you've faced in the past, and outline new strategies for facing these challenges and moving forward. A one hour “Thought Pattern Management” training session offers teens the ability to be in charge of their thoughts and emotions and provides a solid foundation for fully integrating the changes that they want to make.

Student Support & Teen Coaching: Student Support packages are designed to help teens and young adults with a wide variety of problems including: academic challenges, learning difficulties, behavioral issues, family communications, creating a positive home environment, increasing respect, self-awareness, self-management, and other life skills. We use one on one mentoring and training in various practical applications to help students achieve academically, create life balance, make positive choices, and employ positive communications. click here for more details.

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