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Holly Stokes, Speaker, Author, NLP Portland, or

Holly Stokes

The Brain Trainer,

Author, Speaker, NLP Coach


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Free Presentations Available for service groups, nonprofits, and some businesses,

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Business Presentations & Trainings

With dynamic topics on personal and professional development, your group can begin applying cutting-edge tools easily and effectively. As a Speaker, I weave together audience participation, real life examples, and fun to illustrate and inspire our amazing human potential!

 Setting a goal is the easy part - it's following through that's the challenge. Creating change in your life used to be difficutl, but now, it's easier than ever before with the right set of tools. I love sharing the tools for creating personal and professional change, understanding the layers to your motivation - and achieving success!

Areas of specialty include: Changing Habits, Motivation, Work-Life Balance, Positive Communications, Health & Wellness, and Professional Development. Choose from the topics below, or I can customize your presentation to meet your group's needs.


Career and Business Topics:

  • Get Over your Fear of Cold Calling, Speaking, Sales and More! Master your brain to conquer fears, create new habits and expand your comfort zone. Take charge of your mood and your focus and even choose what you think and how you feel. Simple tools will help you be on top of your game in any situation!
  • Selling Made Easy: Natural Sales Conversations with NLP What are your prospects really saying? This presentation delves into understanding people through their body language, their word use and language patterns, and knowing how to respond appropriately, naturally and comfortably to close more sales.
  • Power Up your Productivity by Managing your Time, Energy, and Your Brain Time is money, how are you spending yours? With core principles in managing your time, energy, and your brain, you can increase your productivity and boost your bottomline.  With streamlined system for planning, you can be more focused, and more productive.


  • 5 Keys to Fire Up your Motivation With these 5 strategies for motivation, you’ll discover the secrets to tapping into your energy reserves, staying focused on your goals while increasing your daily well-being.  Discover your sources of energy and focus – turn your dreams into vision and your vision into action!


E-mail Here for Holly's Press Kit

Free Presentations Available for service groups, nonprofits, and some businesses, Email us for details.

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