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Stop Smoking with Hypnosis

stop smoking hypnosis program

Isn't it time to stop smoking?

You may have made the commitment to stop smoking before, and it may have worked for awhile, but the cravings didn't go away and grew stronger, and  finally you gave in to the old habit again.

The smoking habit can be difficult to break. Although the physical effects of the addiction are over within a few days, When you understand where our habits and cravings come from, it finally makes sense why it is so hard to change.

It takes more than willpower. Willpower only works if there aren't underlying unconscious reasons for continuing a habit. You may have felt it as if there is a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other. You may have thought to yourself, I'm going to stop smoking this time, and then the cravings get stronger the more that you pass up your chances of smoking.

Our cravings are not logical and rational, they come from the unconscious mind and that is why they are so hard to fight against.

This is because our unconscious mind may be running another program. Cravings are more than just physical, they come from our unconscious mind. Cravings are a feeling, and there can be different associations and triggers involved with smoking. These associations and triggers can be different from person to person. And they run automatically through our unconscious programs of the mind. That is why they are so hard to fight against.

When you picked up smoking were you with a group of friends? Then you probably have a social trigger. If your family smoked while you were growing up, your unconscious probably picked up a "belonging" trigger connected with your family.

If you are fighting against your unconscious mind - guess what, your unconscious mind will win. However, if you work with your unconscious mind in helping you achieve what you want, you'll experience a greater sense of ease, overall wellbeing even while you are breaking free of the physical habit and dependency.

The good news is, I don't have to guess at what your habits and triggers are. As an experienced, "Brain Trainer" and Hypnotherapist, I can simply ask your mind to outline for you all the reasons that are keeping smoking in place for you.

Wouldn't it be worth it to finally stop smoking? Together, in this stop smoking hypnosis program we can:

     Stop Smoking Hypnosis BenefitsReduce or eliminate cravings

     Stop Smoking Hypnosis BenefitsHelp the unconscious mind rewire the habit

    Stop Smoking Hypnosis BenefitsResolve the reasons that have been keeping the habit in place

    Stop Smoking Hypnosis BenefitsAllow you to finally let go of smoking, and allow your lungs to refresh!

    Stop Smoking Hypnosis BenefitsBreak the psychological addiction

    Stop Smoking Hypnosis BenefitsFind new mental triggers to de-stress

    Stop Smoking Hypnosis BenefitsExperience more calm and peace of mind

    Stop Smoking Hypnosis BenefitsSet up new mental cues and habits that actually support you.

Your Healthy You is Calling!

Before you begin your stop smoking program, you need to identify the reasons why you want to quit. What will being smoke free get for you? What is your big why? Is it to be healthier? Is it to set a better example for your kids? Is it to gain a greater sense of control over your habit and your life?

When you know the big reasons that you want to quit, you'll find your inner resolve and strength to say no to the cigarettes.

This Stop Smoking with Hypnosis program puts you in control.

There are many myths about hypnosis, that you won't be in charge, that you forfeit your will. This is what we see in stage hypnosis where people are losing control or don't remember. The hypnosis that I work with, therapeutic hypnosis actually puts you in charge of your own mental programs.

We get more effective results when the conscious mind and unconscious mind are working together.

Through the course of our stop smoking hypnosis sessions, you'll be guided through the mental changes you need to finally reduce the cravings and stop smoking. You'll find a greater sense of peace and okayness as you relax with the hypnosis process, and allow your unconscious mind to rewire its old programs to your new breathe free life.

I've created two stop smoking CDs that can help you stay mentally supported in your committment to quit smoking. These hypnosis stop smoking CDs are designed to addresses the unconscious mental programs, and will help you mentally stay focused on your breathe free life. You can use these hypnosis CDs anytime you have a craving, as a mental refresher, or just to calm down, relax and feel better about you and your life.

I know its an investment now, but you're saving in the long run. Not only in your health, less visits to the doctor, less colds, less health risk, but also the money you save as you stop buying cigarettes. This stop smoking hypnosis program pays for itself within 3 months of the kicking the habit.

Make the investment - because you're worth it!


Life Coach Holly Stokes Portland, Or

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I work with clients all across the U.S by phone and in person in the Salt Lake City, UT area. Call now to get started on your breathe free life! 503-351-8021