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Student Support Coaching Services in Portland/Vancouver and also available across U.S. by phone!


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Featured Client: Steph E.

."I am not as stressed- I am able to accomplish more- adjusting to a new school, I have a higher level of confidence. I’ve come to feeling way more confident. I can focus better on my studies. I second-guess myself exponentially less.” --Steph E.


“The biggest thing that has been a problem my whole life, I was sure I was going to be ugly forever- I constantly felt worthless and ugly. Since working with Holly, I feel actually and securely comfortable with myself. We changed the pattern of feeling fat and ugly to looking at my health habits. Now, I feel good, I look pretty, I am truly beautiful, and I feel comfortable, I can wear anything and feel comfortable with myself."

--Steph. E.



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Student Support

Why Choose Teen & Family Coaching?

Teens today are facing pressures and challenges that weren’t even an issue 10 years ago: increasing pressure from peer groups, greater temptation and availability for drug and substance use, and a faster pace society increases the need for coping with stress and anxiety.

To cope with some of these pressures, it’s common for teens to turn to their peers for answers rather than listening to adult perspectives. As a result of these challenges, families and teens may encounter a variety of problems including:

Accelerated Learning StrategiesTeens may lose their own sense of self and what is most important to the identity of their peer group and may search for other ways of belonging through dangerous behaviors, or sexual activity.

Accelerated Learning StrategiesTeens may react to mounting stress and anxiety by using drugs and alcohol as a way of feeling better.

Accelerated Learning StrategiesTeens may seek out dangerous forms of play as a way of expressing independence.

Accelerated Learning StrategiesCommunication between parents and adolescents may break down creating an environment of resentment, miscommunication, and ill feelings.

Accelerated Learning StrategiesOnce habits of miscommunication have begun, it is often very difficult for this challenge to “self correct” without outside help.

Accelerated Learning StrategiesLearning Challenges and difficulties in school can affect self-esteem, confidence, and even lead to behavioral issues.

Working with our Qualified Coaches can help your Teen Get the Edge on Life! As Teens work with a Coach, they learn practical skills for managing their time, focusing on their goals, and staying on track with what they want most. Teens learn valuable methods for staying focused, increasing their performance, learning about who they are and what they want.

Not only do they learn how to better manage themselves, they also find renewed belief in their own possibilities. As teens connect with their personal power, they value their inner voice, and are better equipped to make positive judgements. Here are just a few topics that we may cover: Staying on track with school work and studying, creating the big picture of their best life, what it means to live from their personal best, strategies for avoiding temptations and old patterns, and strengthening the sense of self.

Academic & Student Support: With specialty trainings in Educating the Mind (ETM), Thought RePatterning (TPM), Brain Gym, and more, students can find a wide range of support to reduce behavioral issues, increase focus and clarity, and improve overall performance in school and home life. Areas of specialty include:

Accelerated Learning StrategiesAddressing Learning Challenges such as ADD/ADHD

Accelerated Learning StrategiesTraining in Accelerated Learning Strategies

Accelerated Learning StrategiesIncrease Focus and Clarity

Accelerated Learning StrategiesImprove in School Performance

Accelerated Learning StrategiesResolve Test Anxiety and Learning Blocks

Accelerated Learning StrategiesImprove Memory and Retention

This is not tutoring, this is a mentoring program that offers students training in accelerated learning strategies to empower them to use their mind more effectively, increase learning and memory, and enjoy learning. This empowers students to take charge of their homework, follow through on assignments, and stay focused with their learning.

Teen Empowerment Coaching:

Coaching offers structure and support to stay on track with your goals in a busy and complicated world. Life Coaching is about defining what’s most important, identifying where you want to be, and then strategizing the steps that will get you there.  Working with a Coach empowers you to be in charge of your life, discover new perspectives, and outline new possibilities. Coaching sessions are tailored to meet your specific needs, here are just a few topics that sessions may include:

Accelerated Learning StrategiesLiving a Life of Value: Identify Personal Mission, and Life Purpose

Accelerated Learning StrategiesOngoing Support to Stay on Track with Your Goals

Accelerated Learning StrategiesFramework of Accountability and Responsibility for Actions

Accelerated Learning StrategiesDiscover your Personal Sources of Motivation, Inspiration, and Passion

Accelerated Learning StrategiesEmpowerment Skills and Training

Accelerated Learning StrategiesCoping skills to Meet Life’s Challenges

Accelerated Learning StrategiesStrengthening Your Own Inner Voice

Accelerated Learning StrategiesDeveloping the Best Picture of Your Future

Accelerated Learning StrategiesTake Charge of Your Own Guidelines, Rules and Boundaries!

Accelerated Learning StrategiesFamily Communications and Relationships

Accelerated Learning StrategiesSelf-Awareness, Respect, and Esteem

Accelerated Learning StrategiesSelf-Management and Life Skills

Accelerated Learning StrategiesMotivation and Performance

Times of Transition are especially important in making sure that your teen is supported. Here are just a few instances where students and young adults will find Coaching invaluable to continuing their learning and development.

  • Change in schools or a move
  • Difficulty with learning in school or paying attention
  • Re-integrating to home life after Wilderness Therapy or Boarding School
  • Beginning College or University

Teens need so much more than positive intentions. Having added support, accountability, and a confidante that can support them in adjusting to the outside world, are invaluable to helping them translate the wilderness experience into everyday life. In wilderness and boarding school, the rules are clear and consistent.

In our fast paced world, the rules of city life are often very different. Having a solid base can help provide the tools and support to making sure that your teen thrives in the real world as they define their own guidelines for living, and hold true to their own boundaries. Navigating life becomes guided by a stronger inner sense of self  balanced by guidance and support along the way.

The life skills and subjects covered in weekly phone sessions with the teen may include, but are not limited to:

Accelerated Learning StrategiesBalancing 9 Areas of Life

Accelerated Learning StrategiesSelf – Esteem, Identity, Self- Concept

Accelerated Learning StrategiesLiving by your Personal Values

Accelerated Learning StrategiesBeing True to your Word

Accelerated Learning StrategiesActions and Inactions that Define your Future

Accelerated Learning StrategiesKnowing What’s Most Important

Accelerated Learning StrategiesPositive and Healthy Ways to Address Your Needs

Accelerated Learning StrategiesCoping Skills to Reduce Anxiety and Stress

Accelerated Learning StrategiesExploring ‘What is Your Personal Best?’

Accelerated Learning StrategiesUnderstanding Your Motivational Type

Teens are not the only ones who need support during the adolescent years. Parents often experience difficulties as teens pull away in an effort to create independence and self-confidence. Parents may find that teens are testing their rules, challenging authority, and even find a deterioration in their family relationships.

The Parenting with Balance Program helps parents stay on track with rules and structure, create effective consequences, adopt powerful communication skills to help and guide their teen, and transition from a parent role to that of Coach Style Parenting which fosters self-awareness, learning, decision-making skills, and more. see Parent & Family Support

Family & Solutions Training Orientation: Family Coaching Program involves all members of the family in coming together to create the ideal family environment, identifying goals as a unit, and ways of working together. This program also includes a positive communications training module for all family members. see Parent & Family Support

Getting Started: click here to download your application. We will review your application and set up a consultation to meet with you and your family and discuss a program that will best meet your needs. I will review your application and we will set up a phone interview to see if your situation is a good fit for your needs. 360-524-2657


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