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Thought Re-Patterning (TPM)

Thought Pattern Management (TPM) is a form of advanced hypnosis. Robert Fletcher, the creator of TPM, spent 35 years working with learning disadvantaged kids in the school systems of Utah. From his work, he discovered amazing advances for getting the mind to create its own changes, dissolving old problems, and even accelerate memory and learning.

Robert Fletcher, through his 35 years of practice, discovered ways of streamlining the processes of NLP and Hypnosis, allowing the person to feel totally safe, comfortable and secure while the mind resolves past negative events. This allowed for the youth he worked with to resolve learning challenges and difficulties. Having refined this process in working with kids, he further developed these powerful processes and applied TPM to other areas of life including: health issues, habits, patterns, behaviors, disabilities, and more.

I have been so impressed with TPM and the results it offers in even the first session that I have incorporated it into my Coaching programs. It teaches the mind a practical tool for dealing with any negative emotions, allowing the person to be more in charge of their thoughts and feeligns.

Courses are currently being held here in Vancouver Washington. You can learn these powerful tools that offer phenomenal results. Local courses are being taught by Rich Aydelott of Amazing Life Institute.

Call Rich Aydelott to register: 360-609-1070 or visit: www.AmazingLifeInstitute.org or visit: www.ThoughtPatternManagement.com for more information and next available dates.