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Here's some of the programs and brain training hypnosis CDs that I've developed to help you Set Up Your Mind for Success and Get the Most of out of Life!


A Lighter You! System for Lasting Weight Loss

weight loss program book

Lighter You! Train Your Brain to Slim your Body Book

  • Lighter You! Health Coach's Guide to Nutrition in Action
  • Lighter You! Mind Body Weight Loss Hypnosis 6 part CD set

stress relief cd

Train your Brain for Stress Relief



Life Coaching guidebook

Living Your Best Life Life Coaching Guidebook



Health & Pain Reduction

self healing cd pain managementEnhancing your Body's Ability for Self Healing



woman's emotional freedom programUncovering Your Hidden Power: A Woman's Key to Emotional Freedom


Business Focus

mind for wealth and prosperityEngaging your Mind for Wealth and Prosperity

Set Up Your Mind for Success Business Training Series


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It's time to Slim Down

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Are you Ready for Lasting Weight Loss?

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Are you frustrated with your weight? Have you tried dieting, lost weight, only to gain it right back plus more? Are you frustrated with diets that don't work and weight loss programs that leave you hungry, tired and weak?

If you are ready for effective and lasting results, you'll find your answer in A Lighter You Weight Loss Program.

Holly Stokes The Brain TrainerI didn't always used to be a size 6. In fact, I was raised on meat and potatoes and a dessert every night. This was fine through my twenties because I stayed so active, I even had a job as a backpacker.

But then, everything changed when I went back to school. I wasn't out hiking anymore, I was reading books and studying all day. Slowly, the pounds crept up. I didn't feel especially overweight because I gained the weight fairly evenly over my body, but I gained about 40 lbs and shot up to a size 14.

Luckily, while finishing my degree, I went through certification in NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis. I began to apply these principles to myself for my own weight loss.

I knew what foods were healthy, I knew what I should eat, but it was the cravings that were out of control. I was craving chocolate chip cookies, ( if you watch my youtube video, you'll understand more about this). But, finally, with all these tools on the mindset for weight loss and NLP, and making the changes at the mental level, I got it all under control.

I began to eat healthy, I had less cravings, and I even developed weight loss hypnosis CDs for preferring healthy foods. As I taught healthy lifestyle classes and in working with my students, I began to identify more of the mental blocks that get in our way of lasting weight loss success.

I developed more weight loss hypnosis CDs to address each of these mental blocks both for my students, and for myself.

Finally, I put all the pieces together into a complete weight loss program which includes 6 weight loss hypnosis CDs, 2 books, and one on one sessions to clear the negative mental patterns so we can eliminate cravings and self sabotage and enjoy lasting weight loss success.

A Lighter You System is a complete weight loss program that gives you the tools you need to achieve your ideal healthy weight and enjoy lasting weight loss success!

  • A Lighter You! Train your Brain to Slim your Body book covers the mental blocks that get in the way of weight loss, addressing the real reasons we gain weight: cravings, lack of motivation and self sabotage. . Drawing on the tools of NLP, this book offers valuable insight into how to shift your mindset and step into the healthy weight mindset which keeps you slim and trim.
  • A Lighter You! Health Coach's Guide to Nutrition in Action covers the essentials of what to eat for lasting weight loss success. It takes indepth nutrition information and cuts it into bite-size easy to chew pieces.
  • A Lighter You! Mind Body Weight Loss course includes 6 weight loss hypnosis CDs designed to engage even your unconscious mind, so that weight loss is easier and more natural than ever. Titles include Curb your Cravings, Motivation for Fitness, Release your Reasons, Step Into your Healthy You, Enlighten your Body Image and Boost your Metabolism.

Get the A Lighter You Homestudy Course here

Or, Get a Free Session when you register for the One Year Membership. Here's what you get in the one year membership:

  • A Lighter You Mind Body Weight Loss course - the 6 hypnosis MP3s instantly
  • A Lighter You Train Your Brain to Slim Your Body ebook (pdf format)
  • A Lighter You Health Coach's Guide to Nutrition in Action ebook (pdf format)
  • Participate in Live Teleclasses: Train Your Brain to Slim Your Body
  • Enjoy motivational emails in the 90 Day Program, and restart it at any time.
  • One year's access to the hypnosis archives which covers anti-worry, anti- stress, anti-anxiety, relaxation hypnosis mp3s and more.
  • 12 pre-recorded Teleclasses covering the material from both books.
  • FREE 60 Minute session to address your challenges.

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A Lighter You! Weight Loss Coaching Program

Maybe you've tried many weight loss programs, and some seem to work for awhile, but then the weight came right back? You may have experienced self-sabotage, it's as if you are fighting against yourself, or one part of you wants to lose weight, and there's another part that doesn't! Plus, many weight loss programs leave you feeling tired, deprived and weak.

Most of us know what healthy food is, but its the cravings that get in the way. Cravings are not rational and conscious, they come from the unconscious mind and that is why they are so hard to change.

Watch this video on my battle with chocolate chip cookies and how to change your habits and cravings.


weight loss coaching portland or weight loss programsIt's time to stop struggling! Most of us know what we "should" do, but what gets in our way are old habits, cravings, and lack of motivation. What if I told you that you could train your brain to prefer healthy choices? What if exercise became more automatic and enjoyable?

When you train your brain to prefer healthy choices, releasing the extra weight can be natural and even easy! With an integrated approach, you can experience the easy and natural way to slimming down and keeping your after!

Sounds unbelievable right? Well it's actually very simple. We have habits around food, we also have habits in what we think and feel. These habits have everything to do with our motivation. By helping the brain set up new habits quickly, you'll find a world of difference in releasing weight, preferring healthy choices, and increasing your health potential.

"I have overcome a lot of challenges around making good food choices, the bad foods I used to eat just don't look good to me the way they used to. It's very easy to pass them up. I highly recommend working with Holly and A Lighter You Weight Loss Program. "

– Bev W., Portland, OR


If you are ready for REAL change, A Lighter You Weight Loss Program is your answer. Are you ready to:

check mark weight lossImprove your Health

check mark weight lossEnjoy more Energy

check mark weight lossEat for Nutrition (and liking it)!

check mark weight lossSlim Down to your Ideal Weight

check mark weight lossEasily Maintain your Weight

check mark weight lossThen, A Lighter You Weight Loss Program is for you!

Train your Brain to Change your Habits! The hard part about weight loss is changing habits. We all know some basics for eating better, but it's the cravings and old habits that get in our way. Habits used to be hard to change, but not anymore, now, with a comprehensive weight loss program, and advanced set of tools for mental, emotional, and physical strategies, you can slim down and keep your after!

Bridge the Gap Between Knowing and Doing with Personalized Programs

 check mark weight lossDissolve Self-Sabotage!

 check mark weight lossCreate New Healthy Habits Quickly!

 check mark weight lossTackle Emotional Eating and Stress Eating

 check mark weight lossLearn Mental Strategies for Overcoming Past Blocks

check mark weight lossAddress Unconscious Reasons for Weight Gain

Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Put your unconscious mind to work for you with the option of hypnosis for weight loss and the six part weight loss hypnosis CD series, A Lighter You! Mind Body Weight Loss course! These six weight loss hypnosis CDs are designed to engage your unconscious mind in releasing the extra weight, allowing you to slim down more easily than ever before.

Cravings are not logical and rational. Cravings are rooted in the unconscious mind and that is why they are so hard to change. But now, with this hypnosis CD series, you can engage your unconscious mind to work for your weight loss goals. The CDs are relaxing and enjoyable and as you de-stress, you'll be breezing your way to a lighter, ideal you! It's easy, just listen to the CDs while you you are relaxing, stretching, walking, doing house chores, etc.

Repetition is the key that makes these weight loss hypnosis CDs really effective. As you repeat the audios, it boosts your focus and motivation while wiring into your brain healthy mental strategies for lasting weight loss success.

Watch this video to find out if hypnosis for weight loss will work for you.

These weight loss hypnosis CDs actually train your brain to prefer healthy foods, feel motivated for your fitness routine, plus they engage your unconscious mind to work for you for lasting weight loss success. It's time to end the struggle with your weight.

Now, you can have the answers to lasting weight loss success!

check mark weight lossDiscover Healthy Eating to last you a lifetime - and stop dieting!

check mark weight lossFind your Motivation for Fitness

check mark weight lossReduce your Stress

check mark weight lossCreate New Mental Habits and Strategies for food and fitness

check mark weight lossDissolve Unconscious Reasons, and Watch the Weight Melt AWAY!


"I found a lifestyle I could live with and eating habits that work for me. I had a lot of food cravings that seemed uncontrollable, but with eating Low Glycemic, I was able to overcome them in the first few weeks." ---Terri A. Vancouver, WA


weight loss coach Holly Stokes hypnosis Call Now for a FREE Consultation: 503-351-8021


If you've dieted and lost weight only to gain it right back plus more, you'll find your answers here. Finally you can get the answers you've been looking for to address the real reasons we gain weight so that you can slim down to your healthy weight.


Check out more testimonials and before and after photos on my membership website: www.ALighterYouSystem.com