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"The Healthy Lifestyle prgram gave me a lifestyle I can live with and eating habits that work for me. The audios were real relaxing, and helped me through the hard times. -- T.A. Vancouver, WA


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Workplace Trainings

Workplace Wellness Programs. Enhance your work atmosphere, increase productivity, and improve performance. When your workforce is operating at 100%, your employees are tapped into a wellspring of motivation, drive and productivity that will give you the edge and allow you to outshine the competition. We can design a campaign to meet your company's needs.

These training programs outline areas for developing a solid foundation for all of your employees. A company is only as good as the people who are working for it. By investing in the morale, productivity, and overall performance of your workforce - your company can begin seeing the benefits of a work environment that is geared for professional success!

Free Introductory Seminars: Workplace Wellness: Healthy Lifestyle, Stress Reduction Campaigns:  Healthcare costs the workplace billions of dollars every year. 90% of doctor visits are for conditions related to stress. Stress alone is a factor in 80% of the nation’s top chronic illnesses, from heart attack to anxiety, overweight challenges to depression. Your employees' health costs your business in time off, in sick days, and in decreased productivity and performance. Encourage health and wellness in your workplace with wellness programs. Adopting a healthy lifestyle brings not only more energy, more drive and motivation, but also more mental clarity, more focus and ultimately, more productivity. Your workplace wellness campaign can be customized to fit your workplace needs. Call now to schedule a free consultation and a free workplace seminar.

Free Introductory Seminars (Portland, OR/ Vancouver, WA Areas )

Your business or workplace can ask to host a free introductory seminar. Our Trainers offer a 60 minute presentation introducing the longer series. If there is enough interest in the series, we will talk with the business owners or the Human Resources Department to host the longer series.

  • Stress Relief for Busy Professionals
  • Understanding People: An NLP Approach to Communications
  • Work-Life Balance: Your Source of Motivation and Success
  • Living Your Healthy Lifestyle: An NLP Approach to Changing Your Health Habits.
  • Awakening Creative Solutions: An NLP Approach to Solving Problems and Finding Solutions

Stress Relief for Busy Professionals- 4 week program

Job burnout experienced by 25-40% of U.S workers is blamed on stress. Stress is a contributing factor in 80-90% of illnesses, and can even impact the immune system, resulting in more sick days. The free seminar identifies simple practical tools for reducing stress. Discover the effects of stress, ways to support your mental clarity, and offers several 10 min. or less stress relievers. The four week program includes:

  • Four - weekly hour stress relief classes
  • Using guided imagery for stress relief
  • How stress impacts the body and ways to support your physical health
  • Train your mind to reduce stress
  • Create new mental strategies that support mental clarity and focus
  • Brain exercises for work and office
  • Support audios with mental exercises, strategies, and 10 min. stress relievers.

Understanding People: An NLP Approach to Communications 4 week program. This workshop series focuses on interpersonal skills. Some people seem naturally gifted in making connections easily, while others tend to struggle. Interpersonal skills are practical identifiable tools that every person can learn. The unseen wheels in a business are built on communications. Empower your workforce to be clear, consistent, with a high level of understanding for your clients, coworkers, supervisors, and more. Take your communications skills to the next level. This course is a must for customer service personnel, your sales force, head administrators of each project, as well as practical tools for department heads, managers, and anyone that deals with people.

  • How to build rapport quickly
  • Identify what others are really saying
  • How to give feedback that will be taken to heart
  • Utilize speech patterns that can influence conversation and persuasion
  • Discover the Secrets of Conversational Selling & Persuasion

Work-Life Balance: Your Source of Motivation and Success. 4 week program. This workshop helps employees to create a solid foundation for personal success. As employees create life balance, have identified their personal mission, and life purpose, its easy to bring the best of themselves to the workplace.  When employees have identified their life priorities, and found practical tools for maintaining life balance, they also tap into their reserves of personal motivation. By strengthening each employee on the personal level, the business creates a stronger foundation for it's entire structure.

  • Identify personal sources of motivation
  • How to create and maintain life balance
  • Prioritize your life for what’s most important
  • Living your personal best

Living Your Healthy Lifestyle: An NLP Approach to Changing Your Health Habits. 6 week program We know what we should do, but actually doing it can be the hard part! This series combines practical tools of NLP for changing your habits, patterns, thoughts and feelings that have kept you from following through on your health goals. Learn new ways of changing your habits that let you get results quickly and easily.

Diets are not the solution, they are part of the problem! Diets are failing America!

- Over 65% of Americans are overweight, yet the diet  industry is a multi-billion dollar industry! If you've dieted and lost weight, only to gain it back again, you didn't fail - your diet failed you! Diets are not the solution- They are part of the problem and can leave you worse off than before you began the diet!

This program is not a diet plan, it'a a Healthy Lifestyle program helping people create healthy changes for a lifetime.

This 6 week program covers:

  • How foods affect your body and why diets fail!
  • Create new habits by creating new thought patterns
  • Learn to Decipher Misleading Labels
  • Navigate myths in the diet and food industry
  • Indepth Nutrition Information including the Glycemic Index, knowing Good Fats from Bad Fats, All Sugars Are not Equal, and more
  • Motivation for Fitness: Sticking with your Fitness Plan

All Participants receive:

  • Transitions Food Journal
  • Healthy Lifestyle Binder with nutrition information, recipes, and more

Plus program upgrades can include:

  • Individual sessions to understand your unique challenges
  • "Thinking Yourself Thin" Audios to help participants stay focused, increase motivation, reinforce results, and make weight loss easy


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