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New NLP Workshops and Practitioner

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October 17,18 2009:

Changing Habits, Cravings, Addictions!

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November 21,22, 2009: Transforming Trauma, Fears,

and Phobias

December 12,13, 2009:

The Healthy Identity: Keys to Confidence, Focus, Performance

January 15,16, 2010: The Power of Language: The Art of Communication and Persuasion

February 2010: Updating Beliefs & Mental Programs

March 2010: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Unconscious Mind

April 2010: Tools of the NLP Practitioner and Graduation!


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Master your Mind - Master your Life!

  • Neuro - our Nervous System, our 5 senses
  • Linguistic - the words we use to describe our experience
  • Programming - our past history and how we encode our experience, our memory files

If you are someone who loves personal growth, wants to stop the excuses, breaking free of old cycles and patterns, unlock your potential, and live your best life now - then this program is for you!

If you work with people, are a Counselor, Therapist, Health Professional, Coach, Manager, Sales Person, or in any helping profession, you will find these tools invaluable for understanding people, communicating so others will listen, and helping clients successfully break free of old patterns of thinking!

NLP, The User's Guide to the Brain, gives you the tools to train your brain for results! Neuro-Linguistic Programming is both a field of study, and a powerful toolset. The techniques and processes of Neuro-Linguistics serve in many applications, effectively achieving results in any area of life. Applications include replacing Habits, Patterns, and Beliefs. Remember the old saying It takes 30 days to make a new habit? It’s outdated! With these powerful training tools, you can update your internal system and set up a new habit in only 60 minutes or less!

Understand how the brain operates! Most of what we do every day is habit, based on our past experiences, our history, and even our preferences. Many of our habits are useful, like tying a shoe, or driving a car, but some habits are not so useful - overeating, smoking, even anxiety and depression are habits of the mind.

Now with powerful tools, you can take charge of your brain, and train it to create REAL results! We are not stuck operating from our past history, now with the tools of NLP, we can create real and lasting change - almost immediately! When you know what you want, and you train your mind and body for what you want it to do - the results are quick are astounding! NLP is effective in changing not only perspectives to see the world more clearly, but also effectively changing the responses and behaviors.

Whether you are interested in taking this training course for yourself, to enhance your life and growth, or if you are taking this course as a practitioner to better assist your patients, or clients, you’ll be amazed at the phenomenal results! Learn NLP for yourself, or for helping your clients, family, friends and coworkers.

The Tools of Self- Mastery! From changing habits such as smoking, overeating, nail-biting, to improving the body's ability to heal itself and speed recovery, to accelerated learning and memory - to increased focus, performance and productivity, NLP offers practical and easy tools for self- mastery! You'll be amazed at the way your life will change when you discover your power (and practical tools ) over what you think, how you feel, and ultimately what you do!

Because these tools are so effective and powerful, I believe everyone should have access to them. So, I divided up the NLP Training program into workshops that can stand on their own, allowing you to choose which workshops might best suit your needs. This also allows you to start using the tools of NLP in your life right away! While NLP has many advanced applications, Each course is meant to stand on its own. When you complete the entire series, you will be Certified as an NLP Practitioner, and well prepared to practice professionally!

Finally, an affordable option for learning the powerful tools of NLP, putting them to use in your life right away, and even Certifying as a Practitioner! Courses taught on Saturday / Sunday weekend. Each course is only $285, or you may take the entire series and Certify as an NLP Practitioner for $1,795. Payment options available! Courses taught in Vancouver Washington, just off of I-205, and only 15 minutes from downtown Portland. Register for a Single Workshop, or the Entire Series: online registration now available for linked programs!

If you have questions, Call or email me: 503-351-8021

NLP tools offer the keys to stop struggling with past habits, patterns, insecurities, and outdated perspectives! Leverage your brain, master your emotions, enhance your performance, focus and productivity! It's time to upgrade your internal software and programming system!

picture Holly StokesHolly Stokes, Master NLP Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Coach, NLP Health Certified. I found these tools invaluable for releasing my own negative past history, keeping my mind focused on success, and truly enjoying and loving my life! NLP tools are the essential keys to unlocking your potential, choosing your emotions, and mastering your behaviors! It's time to Live your Best Life Now!
Call Now with your Questions, and Register for a single workshop or the entire series: 503-351-8021

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